April 16, 2008

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Day of Remembrance Webcasts

Archived webcasts of both official Day of Remembrance events are available:

University Commemoration

President Charles W. Steger welcomed the audience with opening remarks. The names of the 32 students and faculty who lost their lives one year ago and a few words about the special qualities of each person were read aloud. Governor Tim Kaine closed the program with special comments. Watch now »

Candlelight Vigil

Organized by students, thousands attended the vigil in which candles were lit for each of the 32 fallen Hokies as their names were read. All candles were lit from a ceremonial candle — itself lit at 12:01 a.m. and burned throughout the day.

See an archived stream of the Candlelight Vigil ceremony in:

Webcast FAQ

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See also: Using a Mac.

What are the bandwidth requirements to view our Live and on-demand online video?

Because our video player is a standard Windows Media Player, we offer two levels of video resolution that relates to the quality of the video. for the live and On-demand streams for our video to meet various . The video player, which provides fast access to extensive high-quality content, requires a high-speed Internet connection for optimal user experience. Broadband connections include cable Internet, DSL, ADSL, SDSL, T1, Fractional T1's, T3, some satellite Internet connections, and OC3+. Please note that DSL light and wireless connections may experience slower loading if bandwidth is unavailable for streaming video use. We do not recommend using dial-up or other low bandwidth connections to access premium content. If you have questions about your bandwidth capacity, please contact your Internet Service Provider for details.

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A firewall is software designed to be your first line of defense to prevent hackers and other unauthorized users from accessing your computer and files. If you believe that your personal firewall is blocking transmission, please review the information below to allow event video to stream.

Norton Personal Firewall (NPF) or Norton Internet Security (NIS):

  • Go to Firewall Settings > Set slider to Medium > click Custom Level button and make sure your ActiveX Control Security is set to none.

Norton Personal Firewall (version 2004 or newer):

  • Go to Settings > Ad Blocking > Turn Off

Norton Internet Security (version 2004 or newer):

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Norton Personal Firewall (version 2003 or older):

Norton Internet Security (version 2003 or older):

  • Under "Settings" locate "Ad Blocking" > switch it to "OFF"

If you have another brand of firewall, adjust any of the above settings per its control interface. Pay particular attention to any Pop Up Blocking / Ad Blocking settings, or turn off third-party Ad Blocking software if you have any running.

I work within a secure network. Will this affect my viewing?

Some corporate networks and Internet Service Providers block video transmissions by use of a Firewall. If you cannot see video clips (even though your system meets the system requirements noted above), you may want to contact your Internet Service Provider or network administrator to see whether a security firewall is blocking video transmission.

What ports do I need to access this?

Home users should be able to access content without changing these configurations. If you are attempting to access an event via a company network, you may occasionally find that the proxy settings have been set to prevent external streaming sources from occurring. Contact your IT department for additional information and support.

Using a Mac

Can I view events with a Mac OS X 10?

If using Internet Explorer as your web browser on a Mac; this browser is not validated for a Mac on the Day of Remembrance website; this site only supports Safari and Firefox on a Mac. Windows Media now offers Windows Media Components for QuickTime, by Flip4Mac, as an alternative for Mac OS X users wanting to play Windows Media Audio and Windows Media Video. We recommend the use of these components, available for free on Microsoft's website. After installing this application, please be sure to restart your computer.