April 16, 2008

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Employee Participation During April 16 University Events

Faculty & Staff

No classes will be held on April 16, 2008, but the university will be open. Faculty and staff may participate in any of the university activities if they wish. Counseling support will be available throughout campus. The guidelines provided below cover Remembrance events occurring on the Blacksburg campus and at Virginia Tech departments/offices at other locations (outside of the Blacksburg campus).

  • Many departments will have essential operations, which must still be supported. Staff employees must coordinate their schedules with their supervisors to ensure that coverage is provided. Departments are strongly encouraged to provide as much flexibility as possible to allow employees to participate in the various Virginia Tech Remembrance activities and support services on April 16. Employees will not be required to take leave to participate in these campus activities.
  • This is not, however, a university holiday or a university authorized closing. Employees report to their campus departments as scheduled, but will have flexibility and support from their supervisors to participate in the campus events and services. Employees who are scheduled to work that day will not receive a “comp” day, whether or not they are attending any of the Remembrance events and activities.
  • Supervisors are also encouraged to provide some flexibility for wage employees to participate in the campus events and services during their scheduled workday. This would be considered paid work time.
  • Supervisors are strongly encouraged to be supportive of individual employees’ leave requests. Employees who do not report to work must use the type of leave appropriate for their situation (e.g., sick, personal, annual, or leave without pay). Employees must also use appropriate leave to attend community events.
  • Norris Hall is the only building that has been approved for closure. The university’s Authorized Closing policy will be used to address this situation, and Norris Hall employees (salaried) will be on authorized closing leave. Human Resources will work with the Dean’s office to identify the affected employees and assist with questions about individual circumstances.
  • Employees who attend the baseball game on March 18 are expected to use appropriate leave if they attend during their normally scheduled workday. This is treated the same as participating in any other recreational or sporting event during an employee's work hours.

Questions regarding leave should be directed to Human Resources.