E-mail to VT Webmaster, April 16 - 26, 2007

Simply Sit and Think

I just got done reading a friend of mine’s blog and it struck some nerves that needed to be struck, so I thought I would write this. I feel I need to write this. I am usually someone that is good at keeping things balled up inside but the few people I have close to me say that that’s not good for me. I’m also stubborn and have a hard time sitting down with someone and talking/getting stuff off my chest b/c don’t truly express how I feel or say whats actually on my mind. So I’m gonna let down my “stubbornness” for a brief second because I have to relieve some stress or I’m gonna explode.

In the wake of the horrible events that have taken place at Virginia Tech, all I find myself doing is thinking--Thinking in my head over--and over--and over about how the world we live in today is a cruel, disgusting, and terrifying place. A cruel, disgusting, and terrifying World in a way that there are crimes committed everyday so hanace, that I can’t even comprehend the meaning behind their brutality in my head. The world we live in today is filled with so much hatred--so much that the hatred is running out of places to go. I got to my house around 12:30 yesterday(the 16th) and turned Sports Center on to find out that the largest massacre in U.S. history had just occurred. I was quickly redirected to CNN for more information. When I turned my TV to CNN, I sit numb with disbelief at the things I heard
I was so sick when this was aired I could have threw up. Those innocent people did not deserve what happened to them for one second.

What has this world come to? The things I have thought about over the past 2 days have knocked me out of balance and I haven’t been myself--just ask the one beautiful thing I have going for me in “this world"--! Jenna. I realized I have not been “me” when out of nowhere tod! ay she asked me, “This Virginia Tech thing has really gotten to you hasn’t it?”

This brings me to the reason I wrote this and its an important one so please pay attention--it shook my world, hopefully it’ll do the same for you--He(Jesus Christ) is coming back--and soon. I strongly believe He will be coming back before my generations lifetime is over.This world is rotting from within and tearing itself apart limb by limb. Just do yourself a favor and think about this for a second--In this world TODAY, no one is promised a tomorrow--not you--not me--NOT ANYONE--And sooner or later our God is going to say, “Enough is ENOUGH!"--32 people woke up yesterday with every intention of returning home to their friends, families, and loved ones. And they had every right too, but someone took that privilege/right away from them at the blink of an eye for no reason

They did nothing wrong--they were simply at the wrong place at a horrific time. This is the kind of thing I can’t comprehend for the life of me--and if someone can comprehend it, please d!
o explain. That’s what I want you to think about--just as I have--what if it was you--Where are you and where would you be headed? By where would you be headed I mean: If our God said, “I’m sorry, but your time is up.” You no longer have a 2nd, or 3rd, or 4rth chance to get where you need to be. And THIS is what has stricken me so hard. I am someone that calls myself a Christian; but actions speak louder than words people, and my actions definitely say otherwise as of right now. I don’t consider myself running low on faith because I most definitely believe in God, that Jesus died for our sins, and everything the Bible teaches me. However, I do consider myself (as of right now), someone who isn’t faithful. I’m also definitely not writing this because I think I am better than any one of you that may be reading it, or that I even have the right too--because the truth is I am probably the worst one I know and am in a place I have no business being. In a harsh realization I came to ! today that scared me breathless--and in ALL reality, if I died ! this ver
y second of this very minute--I would be in Hell before my body in the ground. Talk about a world shaking wake up call--if that isn’t one, then one doesn’t exist! And it sickens me to say that it took such a tragic event for me to realize something of this importance.

So I ask you...Will you be ready when God says, “Your time is up.”? As we all have witnessed by the horrible events in Blacksburg, you never know. “It” can happen in the blink of an eye to me, just as easily as “it” can happen to you. So sit and reflect for a second, reflect with our powerful and almighty God(because this way you won’t be able to lie to yourself) and come to your conclusion--What would happen to me if my time ended.

Simply--sit and think--

*To all of you in the Virginia Tech family: My prayers are with you and I cannot even imagine the pain you are feeling, none of us can. I am sorry for the losses you have experienced and may God be with you because He is the only one that can truly catch your tears. God Bless VT.

Nick Bearden
Shorter College
Rome, GA.

April 20, 2007 • Rome, GA • #35781

Hello i don’t now how to express my deepest sorrow for your losses. I can say this though. I’m sorry that this tragedy has occured. I’m feel sorry for all of you who knew somebody that was killed, and even if you didn’t know somebody. My heart and prayers go out to you school, your community, and the friends and family of the victims.

April 20, 2007 • #35782

My hearfelt sympathy goes out to all of you at this time of horrific tragedy. As a former elementary teacher of 35 years and a mother of two grown sons, it affected me so much as it did the nation. Four of my cousins attended Va.Tech: I feel a connection regardless of the fact that I went to Marshall University. As each day passes, the grief becomes stronger and stronger for the shining lights that were snuffed out...students and faculty. Please know that Va.Tech is in my thoughts and prayers.

April 20, 2007 • #35783

Please know that people here in Missouri also feel your recent loss.

I don’t know whom to suggest this to, but in the aftermath of the tragedy, I was wondering if there might be any consideration of renaming Norris Hall. It would seem to me that as much as it has been in the news and the reason for it, changing the building’s name might help better disassociate it with bad memories. In my opinion, it might be appropriate to name it for Professor Librescu, to honor his memory and to help people remember that even though one extremely disturbed person performed such a heinous act, there was also a positive side in that someone with the university performed such a brave and caring act, proving there was still good at VT.

God bless Virginia Tech!
Karla Thies

April 20, 2007 • #35784

To all students and families of our loved ones… I m a 26 year old gal that knows nothing much about Virginia Tech University but these horrific news had made me cry every single day knowing and wondering y do bad things happen to good people. I have gotten closer to all of you even though i don’t know anyone but i want you all to know that i have every family,students, professor, every one involved in your university in my prayers and i love you all. I am sorry about what happened and we cant not bring days back but we all need to move forward and we all need to be strong knowing that all those loved ones of ours are somewhere safe with our father in heaven. I am sorry that i can’t do anything to heal your pain but i want you all to know that I love u and God will take care of each individual in the HOKIE family....BE STRONG AND LET THE PAST GO AND LEAVE SAFE FOR YOUR TOMORROW...I LOVE YOU ALL AND GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR EVERYDAY LIFE TO THE FAMILIES, STUDENTS AND TEACHERS...MAY GOD RICHLY BLESS VIRGINIA TECH UNIVERSITY AND LORD MAY YOUR HEALING HANDS HEAL THERE PAIN AND GUIDE THEM FROM YOUR ENEMIES…


April 20, 2007 • Sacramento,CA • #35785

I didn’t know where or whom to post this to, so I trust you’re the one to receive it. I’m just a person from Ohio who just wants to send my condolences and hugs to everyone there. I am praying for you all. Take care.

April 20, 2007 • Ohio • #35786

To the entire Virginia Tech community:
My deepest condolences to those who lost their dear ones in this tragedy. I got tears after reading Prof.Nikki Giovanni’s message. May God give you the strength to overcome the grief.

Y Raghuram Reddy
Visakhapatnam, India

April 20, 2007 • Visakhapatnam, India • #35787

Hi there,

I have been unable to leave my condolances for the shooting victims as that part of the website wont let me, please find my condolances below:

I was shocked to hear about this horrific shooting, my heart and deepest thougts go out to the victims and their families and friends and to all at the university. The guy who did this will rott in hell for what he has done and for the lives he has taken. I find it very disheartening of what has happened here, just goes to show whata cruel world we live in! May the people who lost their lives rest in peace:

C Wood, UK.

April 20, 2007 • UK • #35788

We have been shocked and saddened here in Yorkshire to hear of your tragedy. You are in our prayers and we hope you can be strong and just keep going a day at a time. Love and best wishes to you all,
Pat , Mike, Lucy and Liam xx

April 20, 2007 • #35789

Dear staff, students, and families, The warmest thoughts, love, and prayers of my 130 students and I fly with you at this time of such great sorrow. We are with you: the world is with you.
David Trembath Lecturer
The University of Sydney
Lidcombe NSW 1825

April 20, 2007 • Lidcombe NSW • #35790

God is our confidence and strength, an assistance in the large emergencies.

Psalm 46,2 : Gott ist unsere Zuversicht und Starke, eine Hilfe in den grosen Noten.

April 20, 2007 • #35791

I was horrified to hear of the tragic event on Monday. Thinking it would be a normal Monday at work, and then to hear of something so horrific filled me with sorrow.

I cant begin to imagine what the students, friends and families must be going through. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Watching an eye witness account from a student who was in one of the classes on Monday made me realise how truly terrifying this day was!

God bless,
Danielle (United Kingdom)

April 20, 2007 • United Kingdom • #35792

I have the knowledge that whichever thing I can say I will not serve to alleviate the pain that been trying you and the families of the victims of this orribile tragedy. What I can say to you is that even if they separate to us migliaia of kilometers, I and my family, we are near all you. That our prayers can help you to exceed this terrible moment. Condolences Francesca, Milano, Italy
Aprile 20, 2007

April 20, 2007 • Milano, Italy • #35793

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone. God bless June Churchill

April 20, 2007 • #35794

Dear Webmaster

I understand there are probably more notes of sorrow than the site can handle, and wanted to try to get this posted if possible. Our hearts are heavy, but as has been noted again and again: ‘We will prevail”


I sit in shock, and feel waves of sadness as I listen to the news of the tragedy that came today To my school
I fight the tears and feel for the parents, friends and lovers of those lost today At my school
I get angry at the news hounds trying to place blame and make sense out of the madness that happened At my school

And I want to scream out “That’s not my school!” That’s not the place of absolute beauty in a fall day Of Hokiestone buildings, mountain settings, students and of course football, basketball and all the social events that we remember so well

I will remember the loss, the hurt and pain, forever. I will hope for a memorial, different but hauntingly beautiful like the War Memorial at the head of the Drill Field. So we can remember those lost and wounded both physically and mentally

I will not forget to cherish the life we have to live To hold my children dear in this world of no safe place But I will not let this un-comprehensible disaster ruin what I hold on to.

My school is a place of hope, acceptance, sharing and learning My school is a place of honor, dignity, fairness and reward for hard work My school is a place where “doing it right” is more important than “win at all costs” My school is a place where we will remember our past, And have high hopes for tomorrow
My school is a place to see the future in the faces and people that walk the campus

My school is Virginia Tech

And I am proud to say “THAT’S MY SCHOOL!”

Class of 79

April 20, 2007 • #35795

On behalf of the employees of the U.S.
Geological Survey here in Reston, VA and across the country, our deepest sympathies for everyone affected by Monday’s incident.
Peace be with you.

Doug Clark
Reston, VA

April 20, 2007 • Reston, VA • #35796

Although I attended Tech only briefly (1980-81, MSEE), I have fond memories and have made close friendships that have lasted my lifetime.

Like the rest of the world, I was surprised, shocked and saddened by the recent horrific events.

Ravi Bhavnani

April 20, 2007 • #35797

I am so very sorry for your grief. I wish I could take your profound pain away; but all I can do is offer my love and prayers. Your strength, dedication, resolve and pride is an inspiration to us all.

God Bless You All!!!
All My Love and Prayers,

Amy Schetter
Bowling Green, Ohio

April 20, 2007 • Bowling Green, Ohio • #35798

From Spain , to all the families, to all the students, to all the community of VT I want to share my condolences and make u know that my heart is with u. I live in Barcelona but I know what your pride and spirit means ‘cause I graduated from Meridian High School (Idaho. Keep going on throgh live but never forget the victims.


April 20, 2007 • Barcelona Spain • #35799

I give my heart and Lewistowns hearts to all the harmed ones in this traggity i hope you e-mail me back
-Kelsey Potter-
Lewistown Montana

April 20, 2007 • Lewistown Montana • #35800

Hey webmaster,

I tried to post a condolence on the memorial website by selecting the link, “Share your condolences”, but nothing showed up. Thereore, I have sent you my condolences in this e-Mail for you to post to the site. I would really appreciate it.
Thank you.


My prayers and condolences goes out to the victims and their families. I was very involved with the campus giving back to the community when I was a student there for five years. Being that I still have close friends there and was just there visiting my friends 2 weeks ago, it really hit me home; even though I graduated 2 years ago. But, what I always liked about Virginia Tech is its sense of community. I wrote the following that just came out of me and would like to share this. It’s called, “THE HOKIE COMMUNITY.”


NOTHING will break out Hokie community....

We held strong after 9/11…

We were unified during the Tsunami disaster…

And now the shooting at our home turf,

Yes, we shall NEVER be broken…

We SHALL overcome…




- 4/16/2007, Dhaval Shah, 2005 Graduate

I do not mind if you share this ode/poem/statement with the other administrators and the President

Thank you.

April 20, 2007 • #35801

I was unable to place my condolences on your website, but want you to know how I feel about the great tragedy that all of you have experienced. Always a USC Trojan--but this week, especially today, I am a Hokie in spirit. My thoughts and prayers for peace and healing are with everyone in the Hokie nation. God bless.


April 20, 2007 • #35802

I just wanted to pass on our condolences from here in Huntsville, Al. We were all crushed by this brutal event. I want to pass on my personal admiration to the students and staff of VT for there strength and resolve during this horrible event. You are all in my prayers and the prayers of the nation on the day of rememberance.

God Bless and heal you all.

April 20, 2007 • Huntsville, Al. • #35803

Dear Virginia Tech faculty and students,

I have tried to use your website’s services in order to send my condolences concerning the shocking tragedy that occurred a few days ago but unfortunately my messages aren’t getting through. I guess it might be a software incompatibility problem. I wish to extend my prayers and condolences to all the grieved families and people hoping that my e-mail along with the e-mails published on your website help in some comfort.

My family and I were deeply shocked concerning the past tragic events. Those students killed were in the process of achieving and harvesting knowledge to build a better society for tomorrow. To be kidnapped by death suddenly and tragically is very shocking and very painful for their families and friends. However, as a devout Catholic, I believe that what comforts the grieved is the fact that their lost ones are savoring the magnificent blessings and mercies of the Lord in His glorious and spacious heavens. This is clearly written and explained in the Bible. I pray and ask the Lord that He extends His consolation and warm comfort to all the families and replace their pain with peace. I also pray He bestow upon them strength and support in this tragedy. We are all with you in our prayers. You are not alone.

Feras Werr
Amman Jordan

April 20, 2007 • Amman Jordan • #35804

JEVS Human Services joins our entire nation in mourning for all of the victims killed and wounded in the Virginia Tech assaults. Our thoughts and feelings are with the grieving families and friends affected by this terrible event. We send our deepest sympathy to everyone afflicted by this senseless tragedy. May their families and friends find comfort and support from all who join them in this great sadness

April 20, 2007 • #35805

Virginia Tech, We Love You!

VT a tragedy that has affected us all
The rise of fun and lively-hood, then an deadly shooting fall

For many of us it came, that oh so fateful day The day that GOD decided to take their life away

But do not think it’s over, that’s anything but true Do not sit and cry, feeling sad and blue It’s another beginning, time for something new

Just remember VT, we all love you.

Kelly Karn
Floris Elementary
Grade 5
Herndon, Virginia

April 20, 2007 • Herndon, Virginia • #35806

My daughter wrote the following poem.
I wasn’t sure who to send it to. Her dad is a Tech alumni. Go Hokies!!!!

Poem: Things will change
By: Jaclyn Padgett
Age: 10

Hokie Bird, Hokie Bird
You’re my friend
You make me laugh
You make me grin

The sky has changed
And you are so blue
I see all your tears
I’m crying too

Things have passed
Now, things will change
The sky has cleared
Let’s stop our tears

Hokie Bird, Hokie Bird
You’ll smile again
Let’s give the cheer
For all to hear


April 20, 2007 • #35807

To the Family of Virginia Tech: As the father of a 23-year old college grad and a 20 year-old college sophomore and as a public high school teacher and part-time evening junior college professor I send you my most heart felt condolences. I have been greatly moved this last week at your school’s ability to deal with this awful tragedy. The names of the vitims should be posted in every classroom in America as reminders of our responsibiluty to young people when they walk into our classrooms. You have my highest respect and admiration. May the coming days give you all the strength you are going to need to go forward. God Bless you all.

Ed Robinson
Tulare Western High School
Tulare, California

April 20, 2007 • Tulare, California • #35808

I just wanted to say that I am so sorry for your los andn that YOu have a graet website the school and the victims have been in nmy thoughts for many days now.No one should have to go through that. I am truely Sorry

April 20, 2007 • #35809

We both wish to convey our sincerest condolences to the students, faculty, and friends of those that were killed in Monday’s massacre. We feel it has been our duty to mourn with you. We are The Buckeyes of The Ohio State University and are recognizing this day as a day of mourning as you are. We are so very sorry for your loss and cannot imagine the pain you have endured. We will spend a few minutes of silence today at noon in memory of all those that were lost. God Bless you all. We are so very, very sorry and devastated.

April 20, 2007 • #35810

I’m from Delaware and I just wanted to send my deepest sympathies to you and your families. You all are in my thoughts and prayers.

May God bless and keep you all.

April 20, 2007 • #35811

As former students of Virginia Tech we hold a special place for the community and people of Blacksburg and neighboring cities. We believe that Virginia Tech has always taken significant steps to insure its students and staff are safe and out of harms way.

We continue to believe in the values that Virginia Tech bestows upon it students. Although many of us now live in Turkey and other parts of the world, we would like to extend our support and sympathy.

Mr. Firat Fidan
Former President of the Undergraduate Turkish Students Association

Mr. Burak Kuyan
Former President of the Turkish Students Association

Mr. Bahadir Erdogan
Mr. Mert Kursun
Mr. Ozgur Cakir
Mr. Yaman Alkan
Mr. Efe Tarman
Mr. Mehmet Bayraktar
Mr. Abdullah S. Fidan
Mr. Okan Sayit
Mr. Can Mentes
Mr. Orkun Akar
Mr. Kerim Tercan
Mr. Ahmet Y. Kavalcioglu
Mr. Resat O. Imamoglu
Mr. Aziz Dursun
Mr. Mert Ozansoy
Mr. Onur Avci
Mr. Ali Aral

April 20, 2007 • #35812

I can’t seem to get on the memorial page, maybe too busy, but I just wanted to express my thoughts and prayers. I’m a life long Virginian, and my girls and I love our Hokies! We love you all!

In Memory! VA Tech~04/16/07

They wake up in the morning, just the start of another day, Never imagining the tragedy headed their way; Walking to class, talking with friends
Not knowing, this would be the last day; That they would ever talk to some of them It makes no sense, what happened on that day; So many lives taken by one senseless act A day in their lives that they would never forget; What happens now, where do we go from here; Through all the pain and agony, the endless tears It’s now time, for everyone to come together; To love, to care to be there for one another You will overcome this darkness, God will see to that For at the end of this dark tunnel, there is a light; Hug your family, your neighbor, you’re friends Even with all this hurt, this is not the end Depend on each other, to get through each day; Through all the worlds thoughts and prayers With all the love that is being sent your way Although we mourn the lives of those lost Now it’s our turn to make sure they’re never forgotten We love you all, and we share in your pain Stand together with you, help you to rise again Virginia is strong, full of people who love and care We are proud of our Hokies, we’ll shout it loud and clear This unfortunately, another of life’s painful, painful tests You are all strong! God Bless you all! God Bless Virginia Tech!

April 20, 2007 • #35813

We are thinking about the families who are feeling sad when we hear about what happneed. I know how you feel because my grandma just passed away. I am so sorry but you can always remember the good times you had with your child. I am very happy you lived through that awful crazy guy. I think you are very brave. You are my hero! Our thoughts and prayers go out to you.
I am so sorry for your loss. I hope you recovery from that loss. I am really, really sad that your child is in the hospital and I hope he or she comes home soon. I am so sorry about your tragedy. God is taking good care of your loved one. So there is no need to worry. God Bless you and you are in our thoughts and prayers. Don’t worry about what happened. God will be with you every day and all the time. So son’t feel lonely about that incident. I will pray for your son or daughter to get better. I am sorry for your loss.
I hope you get better so you can enjoy the rest of your life. I am sorry that you lost someone in the shooting. I wish I could help. I am sorry for your loss.
I know how you feel. I have had a loved one who has passed away.

April 20, 2007 • #35814

I can’t seem to get on the memorial page, maybe too busy, but I just wanted to express my thoughts and prayers. I’m a life long Virginian, and my girls and I love our Hokies! We love you all!
Jennifer Thrall & Family! Bracey, Virginia

In Memory! VA Tech~04/16/07

They wake up in the morning, just the start of another day, Never imagining the tragedy headed their way; Walking to class, talking with friends
Not knowing, this would be the last day; That they would ever talk to some of them It makes no sense, what happened on that day; So many lives taken by one senseless act A day in their lives that they would never forget; What happens now, where do we go from here; Through all the pain and agony, the endless tears It’s now time, for everyone to come together; To love, to care to be there for one another You will overcome this darkness, God will see to that For at the end of this dark tunnel, there is a light; Hug your family, your neighbor, you’re friends Even with all this hurt, this is not the end Depend on each other, to get through each day; Through all the worlds thoughts and prayers With all the love that is being sent your way Although we mourn the lives of those lost Now it’s our turn to make sure they’re never forgotten We love you all, and we share in your pain Stand together with you, help you to rise again Virginia is strong, full of people who love and care We are proud of our Hokies, we’ll shout it loud and clear This unfortunately, another of life’s painful, painful tests You are all strong! God Bless you all! God Bless Virginia Tech!

April 20, 2007 • Bracey, Virginia • #35815

To Virginia Tech,

Having enjoyed over two decades working in Virginia Higher Education at six state institutions, I - along with the entire national community of educators - was shocked and saddened by the events at Virginia Tech this last week. I count as personal friends many people from that institution. I spent a week on the Tec campus the last two summers and have friends with sons and daughters currently attending there. On this day of morning it is important not only to express condolences to the students faculty and relatives of those effected, but to strengthen our personal resolve to go forward with the good work of education and research.

A tragedy such as this could happen at any campus - any time - eroding the tranquility and collegiality within. It is times such as these that allow for reflection and renewed dedication to that which we do best, to help obviate the possibility of a reoccurrence.

I hope everyone will take a moment to pause and appreciate the great contributions taking place within all our institutions and extend your best wishes and thoughts to those who have endured these events.

I believe this is a time to rededicate our personal efforts to educate and enlighten our young people in every area of human endeavor. Through education and research, of every sort, we will better understand our day to day lives and may be better able to help and understand troubled and desperate individuals such as Cho Seung-Hui.

Through wisdom and enlightenment society advances.

John Callander
Executive Director
The Marine Science Consortium Inc.

April 20, 2007 • #35816

I’m a graduate student at University of Baltimore. I wish to extend my condolences to the Virginia Tech Community and I wanted to share a poem…

by Rosamunde Pilcher

Death is nothing at all.
It does not count.
I have only slipped away into the next room. Nothing has happened.
Everything remains exactly as it was.
I am I, and you are you, and the old life that we lived so fondly together is untouched, unchanged. Whatever we were to each other, that we are still. Call me by my old familiar name.
Speak of me in the easy way which you always used. Put no difference in your tone. Wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow. Laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes that we enjoyed together. Play, smile, think of me, pray for me.
Let my name be ever the household word that it always was. Let it be spoken without an effort, without the ghost of a shadow upon it. Life means all that it ever meant.
It is the same as it ever was.
There is absolute and unbroken continuity. What is death but a negligible accident? Why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight? I am but waiting for you, for an interval, somewhere very near, just around the corner. All is well.

April 20, 2007 • #35817

I am so sorry to hear about your tragic loss. My mother and I send you each prayers and hope as you go through this.

Sincerly frome the depths of our heart,

Mary C. Blonts and
Jean M. Randolph
of Norfolk, Virginia

April 20, 2007 • Norfolk, Virginia • #35818

My deepest condolences to the loved ones left behind to live this horrible tragedy. As a mother of a college aged son, I can only imagine the loss you all must be feeling. This has touched the heart and soul of every American, student, friend and parent. Words will never express my feelings. You are all in my prayers here in California and I know that Cal State Bakersfield is holding a moment of silence for those lost. Again, stay strong and remember that there are folks around the country mourning with you and we will continue to pray for your recovery in this time.

April 20, 2007 • #35819

I just wanted to offer a few words of support and extend a hand to anyone at the school or in any school group who is wondering whether “small town America” cares that they are grieving. These colors are a bit bright for my age, but nevertheless, I sit here in my orange and burgundy striped shirt wishing I could do more. A search of your website is lacking in any specific place where I felt I could leave a message. A “snail mail” address would be helpful ... I could send a general handwritten note.

Judy Mitchell
Villa Ridge, MO

April 20, 2007 • Villa Ridge, MO • #35820

Just a short note to let you know that you are all on our minds, in our hearts and daily prayers.

We share your sorrow, pain and grief over the terrible loss of so many talented and beloved members of our society and the Virginia Tech community.

May their lives be forever remembered as precious gifts to all of us. May their souls be bound up in God’s loving arms and may they all be counted among heaven’s angels.

April 20, 2007 • #35821

I could not access your condolence site this morning. Please pass this on.

I am an Iowa Hawkeye by birth, lineage and education. Today I wear the colors of Virginia Tech. I am a Hokie. I am deeply sorry for your losses.

Remember there are many who care but do not write.

H R Doughty
LeClaire, IA

April 20, 2007 • LeClaire, IA • #35822

Please forward this message to the President’s office or PR, your call. Thanks.

The following text was sent to msnbc.com, this morning.

“After a thorough link-following search this morning, I was disappointed to find no mention of the positive news about the Va Tech shooting.

In a class move, the administration of Va Tech has granted posthumous degrees to the deceased victims.

I heard this on NPR and WSB radio, on my way in. Since I depend on msnbc.com for most of my news, I was concerned not to see this, at all. Even the stupidity of Alec Baldwin made it into a sidebar.

I was particularly impressed with their action. As a professor, I went through the agony of the family of a student who died tragically. When I (and his other profs) requested to grant grades based on performance to date, our president forced us to put incompletes on all of his classes. Although we wrote letters of condolance stating how good a student he was, that fell short of what we could have done. Way to go, President Steger, et al.

Thanks for your time and attention,

Mike Field
CC: Va Tech”

April 20, 2007 • #35823

To all of those who were affected by this terrible tragedy, my heart goes out to you with prayer and compassion. Here I share my words of encouragement.

Your wounds will heal as the time passing by. Do not be imprisoning in the valley of fear, anger and depression. But rise up, seek out and climb the highest peak. At the top of the mountain, shout and show the world your “Hokie Pride” that you have overcome these horrific challenges. Although not forgotten, it is with hope you shall find peace, forgiveness and freedom. When you do return, “That I May Serve” other who still struggle. Then together, anything is possible.


Duncan J. Payne
Gallaudet College, Class of 1986
United States Sports Academy, Class of 1988 Employee at the Clinton Community College Plattsburgh, New York

April 20, 2007 • Plattsburgh, New York • #35824

Let me began by saying how sorry and sadden I am by the tragic event that took place on Monday morning April 16 as I watched the morning new. Let me also say that I know how the parents of this fallen victims must feel as I am a singe father of two boys. Please in all due respect extend my deepest condolence to each and every parent as well as to the family members of the fallen faculty from my sons and me.Let them know that we have them in our prayers each and everyday and that God may guide them in their hour of grief.

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I am a Tarheel born and bred, but my heart and prayers are with the Hokies!!!! Carol Blackwell
Brookland Middle School

April 20, 2007 • #35826

As parents of a tennager going off to college in September, we were shocked at the tragic shootings that took place at your quiet and wonderful campus.
We would like to offer our sympathy to the familes and friends of all the victims,to all the staff and faculty and to all the students at Virginia Tech. Our prayers are with you.Keep the Hookie spirit alive.

April 20, 2007 • #35827

I was unable to send my condolences due to the high volume of comments. I am deeply sadden by what has happened and my heart goes out to the family of the victims. I will keep you in my prayers and hope that you find peace. Stay encouraged.

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Sending Our Love and Support to the Hokies on Apr 20, 2007

In light of the tragedy on Virginia Tech’s campus this week, our students and staff joined together to send a message of hope to all of those struggling with pain and grief. We are a part of Hokie Nation here at Goochland Elementary School/Specialty Center and we send our love.

Please see the pictures on our website:

Laura Sussman
Media Specialist
Goochland Elementary School

April 20, 2007 • #35829

I’m sorry to bother you, but I’m trying to post a comment on the condolences site and when I get to the page, the only link I see is to go back to the previous posts. I’ll send my note to you, in case you have a chance to post it. If not, no problem. I imagine you are very busy at this time. I just felt I needed to write to someone…


My wife and I are natives of southwest Virginia, having grown up about 40 miles down I-81 from Blacksburg. My wife graduated from Va Tech. I want to tell the VT community that I am so proud of the way you have handled this terrible tragedy. I know that Blacksburg is a very special place, with very special people, and you could not have done a better job of dealing with this situation. The news media have been talking about what a great place Blacksburg is; I’m sorry that it took this for them to find out.

The students who have spoken to the media have shown the resilience that I expected. The VT officials have acted with dignity and grace. The state, local, and campus police, and medical personnel, have made me even prouder than before to say that I am from southwest Virginia. Our prayers are with you all.

To the students: You have had one of the best periods of your life interrupted by the actions of a gunman. I know you are strong enough to handle this crisis, and to return to your studies even more determined to complete your education at Va Tech, which will serve you well for the rest of your life. We are so sorry for the losses you have experienced. Be strong, and may God bless you.

To those who have lost loved ones, I cannot imagine what you are going through. I can only say that I’m sorry and that I pray for God to comfort you. I hope that the support of so many will help you in some way.

Tom Dickens
Houston, TX

April 20, 2007 • Houston, TX • #35830