E-mail to VT Webmaster, April 16 - 26, 2007

We all feel the pain your school is going through. Wish I could hold them all tight and take away the pain but we extend loving arms through our email. May God Bless you all!

April 17, 2007 • #35385

Hello to everyone, and a big sorry to you all, its just devastating what has happened to you and to your friends and families, I live in England in a small town called PONTEFRACT, in west yorkshire, i have listened to the news and seen footage, and cannot imagine just what is going through each and everyone one of your heads, all i can do which is nothing really is send to you and the families of the victims, my deepest sympathy, i have sat and cried today as the faces of the innocent where on the tv, such wonderful and beautiful people, if i could give each and all a small piece of my own heart to mend all of the broken ones i would, for each victim i will light a candle i didnt know your friends and students but i like many more are feeling a small part of your pain. good luck to you all, and special wishes from me to each and everyo!
ne of you.

April 17, 2007 • Pontefract, West Yorkshire, England • #35386

My name is Denise and I am from Dublin Ireland I do not any other way to contact or share my sympathy but through this site. I would like you all to no that my prayers and thoughts are with you all in Virginia tech at this very sad time. Both myself and my family are praying for you all.

Yours sincerely,
Denise Purtell

April 17, 2007 • #35387

Even though I reside in “Alabama” I’m still and always will be a “Resident of Virginia”

I and my family are “Sending Out Prayers & Sympathies” to all “Hokies.”

May the love one’s of those whom perished and gone before us live in & through us in our difficult times.

“May God Be With You All!!!”

Sincerely Yours,
Marie Sykes

April 17, 2007 • #35388


No amount & words can express the deepest sorrow i feel for everyone who lost someone in this awful event.

For me watching this on the TV news,cannot imagine the horror of the event.I still find it hard to belive that this kind of thing can happen,& why did it happen?.

I live here in England & i will always regard the people of America as the best friends this country can have,despite some bilps along the way.

So to you all i hope that in this time of sadness you can remember the happy times.

I hope this message is read by the right people & you take heart that there are a lot people thinking of you all at this time.

Take Care

April 17, 2007 • England • #35389

I am retired grandmother of 3 college students in Texas. My granddaughter’s school (St. Edwards University was shut down today because of a bomb threat. (My first “real” job after college graduation was in Virginia and I still feel a part of your Commonwealth.)

The purpose of this communication is to first of all extend sympathy, support and prayers for all who have been affected by this tragedy.

I am so disappointed in the media’s attempt to politicize and over-grandize what has happened when the focus should be on the families, students, faculty, staff and law enforcement officials who are doing all within their power to take care of matters.

I want to congratulate all assoicated with the University and law enforcement officials who are doing the best they can to take care of things in the right way. You have set a great example.

Kudos to all spokespersons who maintain their dignity and professionalism in spite of the lack of that exhibited by the media.

May God bless, give comfort and continuing wisdom in the light of all that has happened and lies ahead. God is faithful.

April 17, 2007 • #35390

i just wanted to say that i am so sad for your entire university and their families, that they lost so much and will keep you in our prayers please keep moving forward you are our future and we need all of you. GOD BLESS

April 17, 2007 • #35391

I’m from Portugal,and i saw the news, what happened, in this shcool, and i would like to send a message to the all families and friend of these victims,

My sincerly feelings, for these tragedy.
Pedro Nunes.

April 17, 2007 • #35392

My prayers are with the families and the students of Virginia Tech. I see the people of Virgina are strong people and you all will get through this in do time. Im also a college student and do worry about something happening here however, I can’t let it affect my studies and life..... Please be good to one another and be safe.....god bless

April 17, 2007 • #35393


April 17th, 2007
Dr. Charles Steger
President, Virginia Tech
Dear Mr. President

We have been following with deep distress the progress of the catastrophic violent event, that during these terrible days, has caused immeasurable human and spiritual damage as well as its aftershocks among those who work and study in Virginia Tech and in Virginia College. We wish to express our solidarity to the authorities and members of the educational community of those prestigious educational institutions. We share with you the sorrow that this event has produced not only in your institution but also in the entire American society and global community as well. In these painful circumstances, we would like to convey the solidarity and support of the authorities and educative community of Evangelical University of El Salvador, as well as our sincerest condolences for the tragic loss of so many of your fellows. We are sure God will provide you of peace, and conviction that allows you, to circumvent these bitter moments and go ahead straight with success. Please accept, Mr. P!
resident, the expression of our highest consideration and all the support that Evangelical University of El Salvador kindly offers to you, we will continue praying for you and for your community. Sincerely,

Dr. Victor E. Segura Lemus

Campus de la Universidad: Alameda Juan Pablo II y Calle El Carmen, San Antonio Abad, San Salvador, El Salvador, C.A. PBX: 275-4000 FAX: 275-4040

April 17, 2007 • San Salvador, El Salvador • #35394

I just wanted to express my deep sadness at the tragic events that have taken place. My heart goes out to the families and friends of all those who lost their lives,lives cut short in a moment of pure madness. May all those who are badly injured make a speedy recovery.Although I fear the mental anguish will continue for many years to come. I wish you all peace and my heartfelt sympathy.

With regards
Catherine Pinner
London England

April 17, 2007 • London England • #35395

I would like to express my heartfelt sympathy to everyone involved in the recent tragedy.

You are all in our thoughts and prayers.


April 17, 2007 • Australia • #35396

My name is Christine and I am from London,Ontario Canada!!I don’t know who to write to about what happened there yesterday and I hope this will be passed around!! When I first heard about it ..I was in shock!! My heart goes out to all the students there who lost a freind and most of all...to all the families who lost loved ones during this STUPE happening. It is a real shock to find out what our world is coming to!!Somehow all of this has to stop!!I know all of us here in Canada is shocked over this and all of our hearts go out to you. May the Lord Bless all of you!!!

April 17, 2007 • London,Ontario Canada • #35397



April 17, 2007 • Cassville,Mo. • #35398

To the College, Family and friends:

I am sending my thoughts and prayers to all of you. I am a parent from Redlands, California. Watching the Memorial this morning with tears in my eyes and feeling so hopeless in something I could say or do. May God be with you all.

Sincerely, Jan Moschetti (Redlands, California)

April 17, 2007 • Redlands, California • #35399

I couldn’t find a link to your student newspaper, or another option to send a letter I wrote regarding the tragedy at your school this week. I hope this is a decent avenue for me to get my point across, so I’ll post the letter here.

Thank you, and my heart goes out to you and the entire Blacksburg/VT community.

Tyler Gatto

Here is the letter:

I would like to offer my deepest condolences to all students and faculty at Virginia Tech. I am a fellow engineering student from the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Canada. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected.

I have been extremely engaged with the news coverage of the tragedy that has happened at the VT campus. One never thinks such a horrifying and heinous event can happen, let alone in a small town such as Blacksburg, VA.

An incident such as this raises many questions.

I would like to first comment on the predictability of these events. I strongly believe that they cannot be forecasted or expected. Related incidents have occurred in both Canada and the United States, and the consequences are always grave. Drills and simulations may be conducted, but no person can ever forsee such severe actions. As a student, I have felt safe at every campus I have been on, and I believe that both campus security and safety measures are well undertaken at our post-secondary institutions. No matter what precautions are taken, this type of event exists as a possibility. We all hope it never does, but it can happen.

Warning signs, particularly in this case, in all facets of the disaster have been heeded. The student was recommended to psychiatric help, emails were sent out by campus officials on the day of the shooting, and everyone did what they could in light of such a gruesome event.

University life is stressful for all that are involved from students, to faculty and beyond. Each member of these groups deals with this pressure and anxiety in different ways, and it seems that this is becoming an all too common release for troubled students. I firmly believe that more programs and staff need to be available to deal with both awareness and assistance for students and faculty dealing with these issues.

We will never know the pain this student went through, and we need to make every effort possible to try and prevent such tragedies from happening in the future.

My heart goes out to the entire Hokie community while they are dealing with this enormous tragedy.

Tyler Gatto
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

April 17, 2007 • Saskatoon, Saskatchewan • #35400

Very sorry about the tragedy, we on the west coast share in your sorrow.

April 17, 2007 • #35401

I am so sorry about what happened at your university. My heart goes out to all of you and I wish there was something I could do besides just pray for the families, friends, and faculty. My heart is broken for all of you. Take care and know that many of us are lifting you up in prayer.

April 17, 2007 • #35402

My deepest deepest sympathies go out to everyone there during this horrific time. My sister is an alumni from there, and my neice just graduated from there in the ROTC and I am soo saddened to hear of this. We are a hokie family and we hope that over time everyone who was effected by this, will find peace again. Love and prayers from Tucson, AZ--
Michelle & Jason

April 17, 2007 • #35403

I would like to extend my family’s sincerest condolences to the VT Family. Our thoughts & prayers are with you all throughout this very difficult time. It appears that the entire community is one big family. You all have shown such grace through this tragedy. God Bless you all & know that America shares your grief as well.

April 17, 2007 • #35404

The Faculty, Staff, and Students
of VA. Tech. University.

My wife and I are deeply saddened
by the events of 04/16/07.
We do not have children in the
school, Nor do we know anyone there.
However, We did work in Blacksburg
for a year and a half. So we are
aquainted with the community.
We have been listening to fox
news, And we would like to let you
know that our thoughts, our hearts,
and our prayers are with all of the
members of your staff, faculty, and
to all of the student body.
The ones taken, The ones injured,
and to all those that are forced
to live with this senseless act of
violence in their memories for the
rest of their lives
I listened to the memorial broad
cast on fox on 04/17/07 and I must
tell you, I was moved to tears,
Toward the end, when the english
insructor, Nikki, (not sure of
spelling) was on. I applauded her
with everyone and shed tears,
because of the way she spoke.
I also want to say a word about
the heros. The two instuctors,
who, Without reguard for their
own safety, Barricaded doors with
their own bodies, So that the
young men and women in their charge,
at that time, might live.
They should be given a citation
for bravery, and memorialized on
I will close this, Now, For I
know you are busy.
Again, Our thoughts are with
you during this tragic time.

Keith and Jeri Ann Adair
Golden Valley, AZ.

April 17, 2007 • Golden Valley, AZ • #35405

My wife and I send our deepest condolences, F.J. Stanbery C.A.S.

April 17, 2007 • #35406

My family wishes to express our condolences to all of the Virginia Tech family. You are all in our prayers. Today, all Americans are Hokies.

God bless and be with you all.

April 17, 2007 • #35407

This is Jaclyn Catlett, a student at James River High School, and an aspiring Hokie. I wanted to send you all and the families of those who lost someone yesterday my deepest sympathy and prayers.
What a horrible thing to have happen on such a beautiful campus with such great people, and those students will never be forgotten.
I hope these families have as much support and love close to them as they do at James River High, and the Midlothian Community.

My deepest sympathy,
Jaclyn Catlett

April 17, 2007 • #35408

I didn’t know who I should send this email to but wanted to let you know that here in Colorado Springs you and everyone who was affected by this campus massacre families, students,parents that you are in our prayers and thoughts. If there is anything, anything that I can do please don’t hesitate to email me. Praying for your city and grieiving with you....Sincerely, Kelle Lyons

April 17, 2007 • #35409

I wasn’t sure who to contact; wanted to send my condolences to all at Virginia Tech and families. I know no one who attends your University, but I do have children, two who are soon to become of college age. A lot of prayers are being said out here in California.

Mary Palmer

April 17, 2007 • #35410

I want to express our deepest sympathy to everyone at Virginia Tech. We are so saddened by this terrible tragedy. On Sunday we Flemings were WVU Mountaineers. Today we are ALL Hokies........we are with you in spirit at this time of sorrow.

Much love and prayers to you all.

April 17, 2007 • #35411

Could you pass this to the young man who is President of the Student union?

VT has the pulpit and the world will listen. What an opportunity to be a healing factor in out world of finger pointers. The Governor did a great job with a reporter today when he shut him up and scolded him for looking for a political point in this tradegy. He said he loathed anyone who would attempt that. As President of the Students, why not deflect all the criticism we know is coming the way of various campus leaders such as the University President. Use your pulpit as the governer used his and kindly, but firmly, tell the world of finger pointers to back off and let healing continue. Add to it that this is what the whole world needs, especially the USA. Stop the rush to blame everybody as soon as any issue comes up, and focus on healing and repairing. Put blame into second place not first place.

VT could become the medicine that heals a nation, and become famous for its wisdom and stature in our country. It can make its place in history now, by how the students can lead a country into a new way of caring about our fellow countrymen.

How about a student march to the Presidents office in support of loving and supporting as opposed to having to be right and hating for political advantage?

Mass and march to the microphones with as many students as are still on campus, with arms linked, and the world will be watching a class act. Show us how we should live. Hush up the reporters and more importantly the finger pointing politicians.

The healing at the University can be the beginning of a national healing that is so very much needed.

God bless you and heal your students and staff.

Elvin Pool

April 17, 2007 • #35412

When my daughter was serving in Iraq last year, I felt a constant “ache” in my heart until her safe return. Nothing I had ever felt before. She is the same age as many of your students killed and those affected by yesterday’s events. My pain cannot compare to what the parents of these children must feel. My heart “aches” for them now and all of those impacted by this random act of violence. My thoughts are with all of you at this time. In time it will fade but never be gone. May God Bless all of you.

April 17, 2007 • #35413

My family and I have seen and heard of the tragedy which was broadcast too the world. As a senior student and father of two I wish to extend our heart felt sympathies to all the Parents of these students and also the remaining students, for it really was not their time to pass from this world to the next.

Love and our thoughts are with you all.

Ron W. Bellchambers
TAFE Student; South Australia

April 17, 2007 • South Australia • #35414

Am internet friend of mine wrote a poem and I thought it would be benefical for those at VT to read it. His name and email address are: Del ‘Abe’ Jones


(VT massacre)

If we don’t change the way we do
And learn to do what we don’t
If we can’t each, honor ourselves
It’s a sad fact that others won’t
And there will be no hope!

If life isn’t treated sacredly
And we won’t care for one another
If we can’t hold out a helping hand
To help each Sister and Brother
Then where will we find hope?

If we can’t let our greed and hate
Be overcome with how we love
Then, it’s not enough to say you pray
To some god somewhere above
Though, you may feel that may bring hope.

If we let our World numb our hearts
And our minds and sensitivity
If we think life is some movie script
Beamed out to us on some TV
And think it’s all not real, we hope!

If we don’t quit our pretending
That everything will be alright
That it couldn’t happen to us
We will find, someday, it might
No matter how much, we may hope.

Though, there are some bad apples
Our young people are the best
We must all help their learning
So, they can pass this life’s test
For, they are our only hope!

We are all our Brother’s keeper
And all other people’s, too
If we won’t stop doing what we don’t
There will be nothing left to do
And then, there will be no hope.

Del “Abe” Jones


It’s a sad, sad, World we have made for ourselves! My thought and prayers go to all - students, those that have lost their lifes, parents, friends and faculty as well as anyone that works at VT. Fred

April 17, 2007 • #35415

I am profoundly sorry for all those lives lost. It’s unthinkable I am shaken to the core. All my prayers go out to the familys of those fine young people. From the bottom of my heart I’m so sorry for your loss. Lee Quindlen

April 17, 2007 • #35416

To Staff and students, and Parents.
We live in North FL. And we are a Gator fan But would like to let you all Know that you are in our prayers. And our hearts are full of sorrow for what happened Sincerly, The Millwaters

April 17, 2007 • #35417

My Sincere Condolences For Your Loss, Innis Moy, Parcel Post Driver. USPS Seattle.

April 17, 2007 • #35418


April 17, 2007 • #35419

Hello Everyone :
I’m a 40 year old woman ,who came to USA on 1.995 to marry a loving and amazing man. I became a US citizen a year ago. I graduated as a Technical in Hotel Administration in Colombia, South America. With the events of yesterday all that I have to say is that I’m deeply sad about it. My prayers go to all of you and since I’m living so far away… at Buford , Georgia… in my heart , my soul, my mind , I want to reach to all of you with lost of hugs , confort and support… May God bless you all. If I could be a 16 year old girl again I will definitely consider your University . I’m very impress by you.

Hugs, Hugs, Hugs,
Nancy Oliva Bynum

April 17, 2007 • #35420

I wish for all of you healing beyond the scars.

April 17, 2007 • #35421

We in Western New York are crying with you all. There is no making sense out of something so senseless, there is no logic found in something so tragically illogical.

Our prayers, our hearts, our love go out to all victims, their families, the entire VT community.

On behalf of our community, we are all with you.

Susan B.
MoonLit Labradors

April 17, 2007 • #35422


April 17, 2007 • TAMPA, FLORIDA • #35423

My heart goes out to the university. My brother attended VT and graduated in 1975. He died last fall still a huge fan of VT. Our family feels the sorrow that of all of the Virginia Tech family and are praying for all those that are affected by this tragedy. Betsy Agee

April 17, 2007 • #35424

Hi, my family and myself would like to send our deepest heart ache to all the people of Virginia Tech. We have been following your story from here in Australia and wish everyone our condolences and symphanthy. We would like you all to know that we are thinking of you all and please try to stay strong for each other which I can only say it will be hard, please know we are thinking of you all, our loving thoughts the Cizauskas family in Australia

April 17, 2007 • Australia • #35425

i extend my sympathies and deepest prayers to the families of those cherished in the Campus Massacre and also to the VT Hokies staff, students, and family. my prayers go out to those that are recovering from the shooting and that their life was spared i seen the clips of what took place and i have never seen something so horrific in my life it is just sad to see students and staff’s innocence taken away in a heartbeat by someone who was a little selfish, he had no right taking 33 people down along with him and he was able to spare about 20 other lives which i thank god for being with those that survived.

you are all in my prayers and god bless the Hokie Nation

Lillian Hawkins
Clarion, Pennsylvania

April 17, 2007 • Clarion, Pennsylvania • #35426

Our deepest sympathy is extended to all the families of this tragedy. As a Newfoundlander and Canadian I feel so much sorrow for all persons. We indeed cannot understand why such a horrible thing could happen. How does one begin to understand WHY! Know that our prayers and thoughts are with you all and may God bless each and everyone and help each one get through the upcoming days.

April 17, 2007 • #35427

I just want to send my thoughts and prayers for all of your students, faculty and staff. I will be thinking of you all and praying for you in the days to come. Our Lord and Savior has His arms around you and will hold you close to His heart. I know right now you may wonder where was God in all this but He is there - just lean on Him. God bless you all. In His love. Sally

April 17, 2007 • #35428

My thoughts and prayers are with you all during this time of sorrow.

April 17, 2007 • #35429

to the students of virginia tech i have seen you on tv for the past two days, so strong, so smart, so caring so loving . i feel better about the future of our country our world than i ever have. HANG TOUGH OUR HEARTS ARE WITH YOU

April 17, 2007 • #35430

I just want everyone there to know that on behalf of myself and my family our prayers are with all of you.

God Bless you all and keep you safe.

April 17, 2007 • #35431

I just wanted all of you to know that you are in my heart and prayers at this time of intense grief. I have thought about all the victims of this senseless tragedy and have been praying ever since. May God continue to comfort the Virginia Tech Community.

With Love,thoughts, and prayers,

Dianna Green
Ashland, New Hampshire

April 17, 2007 • Ashland, New Hampshire • #35432

I just want to say that my prayers are with all of you at this terrible time. My heart goes out to all the families.

I am a Mother and Grandmother and I can just image what all are going thru.

I hope all the students can get on with there lives.

You are All in my prayers.

Rose T Schofield
Harriman NY ( Orange County NY )

April 17, 2007 • Harriman NY • #35433

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. To all the parents and students at Virgina Tech University. From the NAVAJO NATION

April 17, 2007 • #35434