E-mail to VT Webmaster, April 16 - 26, 2007

Our thoughts and prayers from The University of Southern Mississippi are with you and the lost ones.

April 17, 2007 • #35185

my family and I want to wish all those at Virginia Tech yesterday our heartfelt condolences and to the families of the victims my heart bleeds for your losses.

April 17, 2007 • #35186

I am a Mother of a collage student out here in Western Oklahoma, My heart and prayers goes out to each and every one of you Friends, Family,Students and Facalty. I have my tv on our ch.5 with the Convocation for Verginia Tech Community. I will continue to pray for healing and compfort for each and everyone. Sincerely,

April 17, 2007 • #35187

As I watch the Convocation this afternoon, I would like to extend my heartfelt sympathy to the students, faculty, families and other members of the community that are dealing with the tragedy of yesterday. I live in Madison, Wisconsin and feel the pain of everyone as I see their grieving faces on the television. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

Susan Wettstein

April 17, 2007 • #35188

my heart goes out to your virginia tech community ,I living in a small indian reservation on the very southwestern corner of Arizona ,border with Ca. and Mexico feel your pain and sorrow , My children who are in elem., middle ,& high school have all of you in our prayers, god bless.

April 17, 2007 • Arizona • #35189

To All at VT-

I sit here, thousands of miles away in England, an American mourning for all of you there. Please know my prayers go out to the families and friends of the victims. I also pray for all of you, the survivors, of the heinous crime. In your poignant dignity, you have shown the world how wonderful you all are. God bless you.

April 17, 2007 • England • #35190

Just a note to let you know that your wonderful university is in my thoughts as you deal with this tragic situation. May all of you feel surrounded by all the love and caring that so many feel today.

Janice Hagen Armstrong

April 17, 2007 • #35191

Please accept my deepest sympathy to all of the families who lost a loved one and to all of the students at Virginia Tech. Please know that many of us are praying for you.

J. Eason
Toledo, OH

April 17, 2007 • Toledo, OH • #35192

Hello I want to you and everyone at VT to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

April 17, 2007 • #35193

Dear Students, Teachers, Faculty, and Alumni,

Please know that our family is keeping you in our prayers. Your loss is heartfelt for all of us across the country. Our hearts and minds are on you today. We feel your sorrow, your pain, your anger.

We also know that you are a strong community, who will persevere, and heal.

Much love and comfort,

The Schinker/Rogers family.

April 17, 2007 • #35194

Dearest Brothers and Sisters of the Greater Virginia Tech Family: It is with heavy hearts and a profound sense of loss and grief, that we at the Metropolitan Community of Richmond offer to you our love and prayers. We know that ours is a God of love and mercy, and that we will all be transformed by the tragic events of yesterday. Together we will unite and grow stronger beyond this moment and serve a hurting world, tearing down walls that divide, and building up hope. May the grace of God be with you all. Love and Prayers,
David R. Wilson
Clerk of the Board of Directors
Metropolitan Community of Richmond

April 17, 2007 • Richmond • #35195

I am a licensed clinical social worker in Illinois and would be willing to volunteer my time to help counsel students or family members thru this horrific time. Please feel free to contact me.

Everyone at Virginia Tech is in our prayers.

April 17, 2007 • Illinois • #35196

I am deeply saddened by the event yesterday at your institution. Please accept my deepest sympathy for your losses.

April 17, 2007 • #35197

I live in New Brunswick,Canada.I would like to send my deepest condolences on such tragedy.I sat in tears while watching such awful news on the tv and the internet.

New Brunswick has you in our thoughts

we are very sorry and send our condolences

April 17, 2007 • New Brunswick, Canada • #35198

On behalf of my family,all people of the Catholic Faith,the people of the State of Alabama, and alumni of Jacksonville State University, I offer my our heartfelt sorrow for the events of yesterday. We offer our prayers for the victims and their families and the entire Virginia Tech family. May Almighty God bless you all and keep you strong. Sincerly
Steven Lee Brock & Family

April 17, 2007 • Boaz,Alabama • #35199

I do not know what else i can do ,but i just wanted to give my condolences to the unniversity and the families of those who lost someone in the shootings. I am from new jersey and have not stopped watching the coverage at your school. My family and I send our prayers and you will be in our hearts forever.

April 17, 2007 • #35200


My name is Louis-Alexandre and I’m from Montreal, Canada. First, I’d like to apologize for my english, which is not good, since french is my first langage.

I want to tell everybody at Virginia tech that I am shocked by what happenned. I want to say that all my thoughts goes to you. I’m touched by the situation that you guys are living. My heart is full of sadness, but I try to keep faith in life. That is precisely the kind of vibe I want to send you.


Louis-Alexandre Martin

April 17, 2007 • #35201

i dont know if this can help, but if you have anyone that needs to talk, i can be reached at any time on Windows Live Messenger...i hope i can help.

God Bless,

John Harkness & Family

April 17, 2007 • #35202

My heart goes out to all who was lost during this time. I have been following the news and crying along with you. Please send my warmest regards that are in the hospital trying to survive. You are in my heart and prayers.

April 17, 2007 • #35203




April 17, 2007 • Humble, Texas • #35204

To All At Virginia Tech:

Just a note to say that you have my
condelences and prayers.

April 17, 2007 • Cornwall, England • #35205

I would just like to send my heart felt sympathy to all at the family and friends of all the students and professors that were murdered yesterday. I listened to the memorial today and felt my heart break. May God look after all those souls and the their families.


April 17, 2007 • #35206

God Bless Virginia Tech

April 17, 2007 • #35207

If Roses Grow In Heaven

If Roses Grow in Heaven,
Lord, Please pick a bunch for each of us. Place them in each Virginia Tech. students’ special arms And tell them they’re from us.
Tell them we love them and miss them
and when they turn to smile
Place a kiss upon every cheek,
and hold them all in your arms for awhile The way in which they left us is very hard to understand- But remembering THEM will be easy-
We’ll do it everyday!
But there will always be an ache in our hearts that will never go away! -

I just wanted to express my deepest sympathy for each and every person at Virginia Tech. I feel such grief for each and every person. I wanted each of you to know that you are in my thoughts, my prayers, and my hopes!

If anyone needs someone to talk to that feels like they can’t talk to anyone close to this tragedy PLEASE give them my e-mail address. I will provide all of the support I can! It is all I have to offer, but I wanted to help in someway!!!

Sincerely and with much sympathy
Leslie Northcott
Sherman, TX

-author of original is unknown, words were changed to fit this very tragic event.

April 17, 2007 • Sherman, TX • #35208

dont know if this is proper email adress to use for this but thoughts and sympathies to virginia tech in this tragedy best wishes from benjamin hachemi stockholm sweden

April 17, 2007 • Stockholm Sweden • #35209

Please pass along sincere condolences to the President and entire Administration of your great school. The tragedy youve faced is unimaginable. You are all responding with great professionalism, great compassion and an obvious commitment to fair and reasonable decision-making. As if the unimaginable attack on the heart and soul of your institution by a individual wasnt enough, the shallow and misdirected second-guessing by much of the media is also unimaginable. As a leader you must lead with reason. Had decisions been made to cause an early panic, you would have been attacked. No one can thoroughly prepare for the unimaginable. Solid decision making based on the facts at hand and an ongoing commitment to ever improving preparation is the core of what leadership is about. Your administration, security force and police organizations shou! ld be honored for their prompt response, commitment to reasonable decision-making and NOT criticized by others who didnt sit in the center of a crisis trying to balance all the dynamics involved. I hope you will take some comfort knowing that reasonable people understand the impossibility of trying to protect every person in every location at every moment. You are all in our prayers and many of us support you as you face heavy burdens and responsibility of running a University every day. Wishing you strength and healing as you move through the next months. Diane Stover- Granger, Indiana

April 17, 2007 • Granger, Indiana • #35210

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to express our sincere condolences to all who were involved in this most unfortunate incident. I just don’t know what else to say. Find peace in your hearts.

Julie and Wes Brooker
of Toronto Ontario Canada.

April 17, 2007 • Toronto Ontario Canada • #35211

Dear Virginia Tech Family, I am so sorry for your horrific tragedy. I am a recent retired teacher. This has profoundly affected me. I grieve with you. God Bless you all. Keep your spirit flowing. With Great Respect, Judi Holmes

April 17, 2007 • #35212


April 17, 2007 • Tucson,Arizona • #35213

Dear people of virginia tech!

At this moment I’m watching the convocation for the victims of yesterdays tragic massacre - I’m so touched by this that I just want to express to all of you my deep condolences for your great loss.

I think the rest of the world is with you!

Mirha,Law student from Vienna, Austria

April 17, 2007 • Vienna, Austria • #35214

Hello from Indiana. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. As a teacher, I feel deeply concerned about the security of our schools. I pray you will find peace and comfort knowing we are thinking about you in the days to come.

April 17, 2007 • Indiana • #35215

To the VT family, As i sit here in my town in oklahoma i just want you to know that i have prayed and cried as i grieve for your school family. I just want you to know that here in skiatook ok your hurt has hit so hard. As i watched Pres Segar taking hits from the press when he was doing his best to give them what they were wanting, but i do not believe that all the practices, and dialogues, and everything that you could ever try to make sure that you do all right i do not think that anything different could have been carried out differently. Pres Segar you did the best that you could and i watched the police chief dodging the questions monday and my heart went out to him as he was absolutely not wanting to put out any information and coming from a law enforcement family my heart hurt for him...he was doing his best in a situation that he will never go through a!
gain and i pray that you forward this to him to know that i know he was doing his best. i pray that the students and faculty and families of those lost, will be able to find strength within and everyone tell your family how much you love each other, even if you have differences this is diffently a time to love your family. I just want you to know that i think your Convocation today is a very nice ceromony and i pray for peace and healing for all the VT family and i guess that hokie is so close to okie that this okie is sitting here in my electric chair for as i am disabled with bone cancer and i will be praying for your families daily and weekly for the strength to endure the next few weeks. as i look on to the students in the audience i only pray that my daughter who graduates highschool next year would only have an oportunity to go to a school where the students are such a close family. You can see it in their expressions and numbers that they are all in a family of 1,and th!
ey all have the same initials VT. i think that every student in the collasiem have VT on their body. that also gives you strength in numbers, so if you see a person that is touch by this tragedy trying to deal with this by isolation i only pray that someone even if it is you Pres Segar, just reach out and give them a hug. You go hokies......you will prevail.....my thoughts and prayers are with you....webmaster would you please forward this email to your President, and your student bodyto know that an okie here in oklahoma are praying for your recovery......and that nobody could have done anything different, but VT will be forever changed......patti

April 17, 2007 • Oklahoma • #35216

My deepest condolences to Virgina Tech and the families affected.

We pray for the families affected.

Robert E. Johnsson
Director Global Business
Bigpoint GmbH

April 17, 2007 • #35217

My heartfelt condolences to all the Virginia Tech family.

I’m sure I speak for all UVA grads when I say that, in this tragedy, we stand with you.

MDB, Vienna, VA

April 17, 2007 • Vienna, VA • #35218

Just wanted to say that everyone their is in our prayers and we love you all very much.

April 17, 2007 • BlueMountain, Ms. • #35219

My family’s heart goes out to all the students and faculty and staff. After watching the service today, a heavy heart was lifted by the unity of all the people affected by this senseless tragaty. I know time will help to resolve some of the grief but will remain deep inside for our life. Crutchfield Family
BlueMountain, Ms.

April 17, 2007 • #35220

Please post Nikki Giovani’s poem she delivered at services today, Tuesday, 17 April, 2007.

“We Are Virginia Tech”

-- and God speed.


April 17, 2007 • #35221

I just want to give you all my deepest symphty over the resent actitivities at the campus I am praying for all of you your in my thoughts and my prayers all the time. My heart goes out to all of you Janet

April 17, 2007 • #35222

We would just like to offer our condolences to your school, faculty, students,family of students and all who were touched by the awful tragedy that happened at your School yesterday (Monday, 4/16). Our hearts and prayers are with all those who lost loved ones and who have loved ones who were hurt by this student. Also, for his family. They must be going thru some bad times too wondering what caused him to do what he did. We’ve had children away at college,and now grand-childred in college,and can sympathize with all the parents of your students. Please pass our condolences on to all those who are in morning. We know they are in a lot of people’s prayers at this time and will be for some time to come. May the Lord Bless all of you with His Healing and Love during this time.

Stan & Margie Starling
Columbia, SC

April 17, 2007 • Columbia, SC • #35223

I have just watched the televised convocation ceremony following the tradegy of yesterday. I sat, I listened and I cried with all of you and for all of you. I pray that you get the strength needed to face each of the coming days. I pray that you are able to reach doen deep inside yourselves and pull out whatever is needed to start the healing - I pray that you can do it for yourselves and also for all of those that you loved.

It is most certainly a senseless and tragic loss, a loss that is felt all around the world. I am from Australia and when I phoned home yesterday, my Mum was devastated by the news of what has happened. Everybody feels for you.

Be strong.

April 17, 2007 • #35224

My prayers go out to everyone at Virginia Tech and God Bless You all. I am also a college student here in my hometown at a local University. I can not even begin to imagine, what you all are going through.

God Bless


April 17, 2007 • #35225

I am expressing my sincere sympathy for your losses. As a parent of children attending college in Louisiana, we take for granted their safety, or for that matter anywhere any of us go these days. I am sorry that the media seems to be so eager to lay blame. I know you all did your best at the time and appreciate all you had to decide on so quickly. Our Louisiana prayers are with your campus family.

April 17, 2007 • #35226

Please accept my deepest, sincerest condolences on your loss. Noone can even begin to comprehend this tragedy. Please know that your students & faculty are at the top of many prayers. We are all praying for your strength & that you will find peace during this most difficult time.

Michelle N.

April 17, 2007 • Pennsylvania • #35227

I am so sorry for your great loss.

April 17, 2007 • #35228

President, Faculty of Viginia Tech:
I have just watched your televised ceremony held for the students and faculty who lost their lives yesterday.

If I may make a suggestion:

Develop a cemetery in a park-like setting somewhere on your large campus for those who lost their lives yesterday. In my mind it would be a long-lasting tribute to all those wonderful people and also a place for their families and students to come and meditate and help the living to heal.

Thank you for listening.

Nancy Leip, Grandmother
State of Washington

April 17, 2007 • Washington • #35229

I apologize that this is probably not the proper site to send a note of condolence but I wanted to express my deepest sympathies to ALL of the families, students, faculty & staff at Virginia Tech.

This tragedy, although completely senseless, brings with it the assurance that those whom have left you are now touching the face of God and are wearing a “white robe” and a crown with many jewels in it. Although no sense can be made of this tragedy, God can, and he is here to carry each of you through this time of horrific grief and sadness.

Please know that you are ALL in our Prayers & Hearts not only here in America but around the world.

May you ALL be Blessed in His name!

April 17, 2007 • #35230

Please allow me to offer my deepest, heartfelt condolences to all of you, especially family and friends, regarding the horrific tragedy which has befallen your university. Draw upon God’s strength and that of each other’s.


There are many trials in life
for which we must endure.
But from these trials so much is learned that wisdom is ensured.

From life we learn we must extract
those things that take us down,
and surround ourselves with thoughts of love to keep us whole and sound.

Susan Blanford

Troubling Times

When there aren’t enough words to explain how you feel, and the pain you are suffering seems too surreal; just turn to the Lord, He’ll hear your plea, and grant the serenity you truly need.

All you must do is ask for His help
to give you the courage and stamina for self. For when you ask Him to bear your pain,
you’ll soon discover it was not in vain.

He knows your pain is truly intense
and life’s tribulations often times are immense. He’ll hold you in the palm of His hand,
knowing full well His master plan.

So trust in the Lord to be there for you and He’ll give you the strength to carry through.

Susan Blanford

I will pray that all of you receive peace of mind and heart.

April 17, 2007 • #35231

My condolences to the students, friends, family, faculty. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

April 17, 2007 • #35232

I amvery sorry for you loss Iam have been watching on tv and feel very sad want happen to all of you .
All of your staff and your works too and your teaches also .

mary c hanna
livonia mi

April 17, 2007 • Livonia Mi • #35233

I have read in news paper and I watched TV about the unbelievable happen in Virginia Tech, many young girls and boys lost their life and many are injured and all of you are under shock because of one guy, I can feel it with you. The life has to go on, you are young, please look forwards and stay together like you demonstrated it at these sadness days! God bless you! Gharwal

April 17, 2007 • #35234