E-mail to VT Webmaster, April 16 - 26, 2007

I just wanted to let you all know that you are in our prayers. I still have a hard time comprehending what happened last monday. I want you to know that we prayed for you at our church on Sunday and will continue to do so. We even had a moment of silence for all of Virginia Tech and hope that the healing process will soon begin for you all. We have several where I work that graduated from Virginia Tech and continue to support the Hokies. Again you all are in our prayers. Best of luck to all of you.

Carol Bucy

April 22, 2007 • #35933

Hi there! I would to say I am sorry what happened to everyone at Virginia Tech this past week. I want you all to know that my college and I are praying for you all. I go to Holmes Jr. in Grenada, MS. I am also part of the Wesley Foundation and we add you all to our prayer list, So, we would like to let you all know that we at Holmes are thinking of you all. If there is anything that we and myself can do for you all, please let us know and we will try to help the best we can! May God Bless You All!!!!!!

Friend In Christ,
Lloyd Morman

April 22, 2007 • Grenada, MS • #35934

In Memory of Virginia Tech.

A lone gunman took you away,
Our hearts are empty even as I pray.
Darkness sets in thinking of loved ones we lost, A senseless tragedy that came with a cost.

First heard about it on CNN,
How I wish my pain would end.
I’m talking about Virginia Tech,
The many lives we will not soon forget.

Your memory will live on and on,
These words I write today are for loved ones now gone.

April 22, 2007 • #35935

my thoughts are with you as you return to school. Keep you heads high and remember that education is the foundation for which you will thrive. Do not forget what happened but don’t let it stop you from your goals.

john slatten

April 22, 2007 • #35936

To the University,

Please add me to your list of well wishers . My family and I pray that all of you have the strength to move on to successful careers and lives full of productive acts. God bless you!

Gregory Krempasky
Metropolis, IL
B.S.Ed, Eastern Illinois University (1972) M.SEd., Southern Illinois University (1985) Retired Teacher

Go Hokies GO!

April 22, 2007 • Metropolis, IL • #35937


I’m hannah rice, and i’m sorry i E-mailed this here. i didn’t know where to send it too, i Live in north carolina, i am 16 years old. i heard what happened and came looking for an e-mail..

a lil late though,sorry for that too.

First of all,
My Deepest Sympathy’s Go Out To the School, Too all the students and their families, And To all those Lost Included Cho.

It came as a shock to all of us. and though i may hate to admit it. it hurt deeply. even though i do not go to virginia tech.

I Think, That If we could, we would like to change what happened. But you Never know, the Change Could be for the better.

I know i’m still young. and all those at VT are Tolder then i am. But i still think it would be a good idea to continue the school year.Its a shame to Waste Knowllage. its a Valuble asset.

See, i know what its like to loose People. I lost my two brothers within a week of eachother,my bestfriend and my boyfriend within a year.

But what is past..is past, we cannot change it. as much as we try, we can Mourn Forever, or we could change the future.

Once Again, My Deepest Sympathies to all those Lost, all the families and friends.

Me and some of my friends, came up with this poem for all those lost at VT::

You Know You were The First Smile On Our Faces. when we woke up here. we hated this place. You Always made everything better.
We’ll Meet again Sometime in the Future
For What is love, without Loss
What is Pain, Without Gain.
Virginia angels, Virginia Angels.
Take flight and watch over us
Take Flight And Keep us safe
Virginia Angels.
Keep on flying

thank you for you’re time.
Please e-mail me back.And Give my Email to the students. i would like to here from them i’m planning to come there!:)

Hannah E. Rice

April 23, 2007 • North Carolina • #35938

I didn’t know where to send this email so i tried my luck here. First of all excuse my english it may be bad.

I am from Romania.

I’ve heard about the shooting and i cryed for the families that lost their loved ones in that day. It angers when i think this is not the first time this happeneds in the US.

Please send my regards to the families that lost so mutch in this stupid event.

Liviu Librescu.... when you think about it.... he managed to escape alive a comunist regime...so he can die in a democratic country…

My suggestion...protect the values on wich this country was built

April 23, 2007 • Romania • #35939

In light of all the recent events that have happened on your campus, first, let me say, that my prayers are with you. Second, I would like to say, that my son will be a junior at Bartram Trail High School in St. Johns County, FL, an AP, “almost” straight A Honor Student, member of our marching band, and I would be so proud if he were to apply to your school in the next year and a half. If he were to be surrounded by students such as I have seen in the news, the campus pride that they have demonstrated, I would be an extremely happy mom. Just because ONE crazy was on your campus, its so ludicrous to think that this can’t happen ANYWHERE! I think your school will continue to show steady student growth and I’m tired of the news and media trying to blame your campus of security, Best of Luck!

April 23, 2007 • St. Johns County, FL • #35940

I wish to express my condolence to the victims of the April 16 shootings. It is an unwelcome tragedy but let us watch and pray that it doesn’t repeat itself.


April 23, 2007 • #35941

We are a family living in Australia. We are saddened and are at loss for words for what happened on your campus. We send our prayers and thoughts to all those families affected by the devastating loss of loved ones. God Bless
The Hales Family
Adelaide South Australia

C’mon Hokies (from my 14 yr old son)

April 23, 2007 • Adelaide South Australia • #35942

dear Sirs

please take my deep suffer for this incredible catastroph which happend in your institution..i am also a student so i can imagine what you must feel.I am totaly shocked!!! May god be with you and your familys.

gerhard gillich (student of laws in vienna,austria)

April 23, 2007 • vienna,austria • #35943

With all the information due to april 16 2007 I will keep all the departing involve in my prayers. I too lost a friend from gun shot and it was very hard thinking it would never get over it but believe me this is a light at the end of the tunnel.

PS may God be with everyone in volve this awlful outcome.

April 23, 2007 • #35945



April 23, 2007 • #35946

My deepest thoughts go out to all the students and families of the victims and friends of what has happened there.I cant even imagine what you all are going through, your pain is all our pain and we will all get through this together. My kind regards from the bottom of my heart.

Scott Bryant
Rochdale, Lancashire. United Kingdom

“Together we stand”

April 23, 2007 • Rochdale, Lancashire. United Kingdom • #35947

Dear VT Students,

I’m writing from Dallas. This morning I read an inspiring article in the Dallas News about the VT students returning to campus today. As a 58 year old man and one who is about to send our son off to college, I must say, I’m impressed with all of you. Your determination and will to get through this tragic event is heart warming. My family and I pray for all of you every day. Both you and the faculty of VT should be commended. Stay the course…

God bless,
A new “Hokie” fan

April 23, 2007 • Dallas • #35948

To all our VT Family:
As parent’s of a VT Architect graduate,
we just want to let you know we are keeping you all in our prayers during this time of healing. We have been blessed with special memories of our son, Bill’s, years at VT and that no one can ever take away from any of us.
We pray that the peace of God which passeth all understanding abide in all our hearts all the days of our life; and may those who gave their life rest in God’s peace and God’s everlasting arms embrass us all now and in the days, and years to come, through Jesus Christ, our Lord.
Hookies prevail !

April 23, 2007 • #35949

This is to assure the administration, and students and especially the parents of the victims of last Monday’s horrible attack of my prayers for all of you at this time of grieving and crisis in your lives. You are in so many people’s thoughts and prayers and you are remembered every time we assemble in prayer. God Bless you and keep close to you. Sister Ameline

April 23, 2007 • #35950

Hello my name is Karen & I live in North Carolina & I have written the following poem for all of you at Virginia Tech. If it makes anyone feel better that was my intention. Please feel free to do with it what you feel will help. I give my permission for you to re-print or copy the poem as you see fit to. Thank you for your help with this & my prayers are with all of you. I also intend to add this poem into a book I am in the process of writing which is a collection of 100 poems.

No Longer In Virginia

We went to class today to work toward a future promising & bright then.........suddenly..... someone decided to turn out the light

So much potential laid to waste along the road leaving many of us with a much more burdened load

No longer in Virginia though the memories remain all she’s feeling now is sadness mixed with pain

And though her heart will once again beat strong as it did before much knowledge, much talent and much love isn’t around here anymore

But Virginia even though we left you, we can’t leave you forever weak if for the comfort of peace, hope & joy you will once again seek

For all those who truly desire & seek to find a way there is someone there who when found will bring us back together someday

Look within your hearts, He will be there if you want Him to be then dear Virginia ... from all this He will set you free

He will fill the emptiness we left there & give you new insight till we finish walking through this darkness & back into His light.

Victims, Families & Friends
APRIL 16, 2007
Written by: Karen Lynn Helfst

April 23, 2007 • #35951

Dear Virginia Tech students,faculty,staff,and families,

I am very sad to hear about the tragedy that happened. I’m sure that you are all dealing with the pain of this loss and I would like to send you my condolences. I understand how hard this must be for some of you and how you have to deal with the press/publicity and go on with your everyday lives. Remember to be strong and remember to see the good in everything. I send my best wishes to everyone, especially those who lost their loved ones. God is with you always.

With Love, Destiny

P.S. I am a student at Santa Teresita School in Los Angeles CA.

April 23, 2007 • Los Angeles CA • #35952


In the midst of all the gunshots,
I heard Him call my name,
I turned and saw the Master’s face,
And then the angels came.

Yes, as evil walked among us,
The angels stood close by.
And they carried us so gently,
To our campus in the sky.

The Angels had been summoned,
Where all of us could see,
They were hovered just above us,
They had formed a huge, “VT.”

We saw the Master standing,
Just outside of Heaven’s door,
His arms outstretched and waiting
Where terror reigns no more.

As we stepped inside of Heaven,
They all sang, “Amazing Grace,”
Then He calmly reassured us;
“You’re safe here in this place.”

We had an early, “Walk Across,”
The Master took our hand,
He smiled and said,
“You Hokies, are the finest in the land.”

“The long hours you have studied,
Were clearly not in vain,
I planned your course of study,
Long before I knew your name.”

“Your special skills are needed,
To be the best that you can be.
For your new career in Heaven,
I’m so proud you’re here with Me.”

And to our Beloved Parents

We know your depth of love for us;
You showed us every day,
You gave, you shared and sacrificed,
And you let us go our way.

You will know our hugs surround you,
When you’re sad, we’ll be there first.
You will feel us close beside you,
When it seems your heart will burst,

And God has not forsaken you;
He walks closely by your side,
He knows you’ll surely stumble,
For a time; you’ll need a guide.

When all the crowds have vanished,
And the world again picks up its pace,
We will linger for a lifetime;
You will always see our face.

And we saw the world in silence,
For a moment on that day,
Your silence spoke much louder
Than any words can say.

The VT Students

Fran Maiers
copyright April 21, 2007

April 23, 2007 • #35953

As an alumni of Georgia Tech, you are in the hearts of the entire Tech alumni family.

Norman K. McCrary, PE
Class of 1988

April 23, 2007 • #35954

So glad the students and staff are back in session. I have been so sad watching the events. My prayers are with all of you. Cho may have done the unthinkable, but he didnt break the back of your strong students and administration, I commend all of you and want you to know we in Oregon are by your side Brad Medford Oregon

April 23, 2007 • Oregon • #35955

To all VT students, staff, and especially family and friends, I am deeply sorry for the loss of your family and friends, I have shed so many tears myself because I grieve with you. I pray everyday that God will give you all the strength to carry on. It’s just amazing how you all have kept your Hokie spirit so alive and strong! Watching you, I feel that we are all Hokies and we will all continue to grieve with you as one nation should! Keep on smiling and always keep the faith.
Kelly Hanlon

April 23, 2007 • Fairfield,Ohio • #35956


Nick Bowman,
VT Freshmen

April 23, 2007 • #35957

Thanks for a beautiful video tribute.

Jack Mitchell

April 23, 2007 • #35958

Dear Va. Tech Faculty and Students:

Many Thoughts and Prayers to Each and Every one of you. I Know it must be rough, But Just keep your Head high.


April 23, 2007 • #35959

We Were very hurt to hear about what has just happend at Virginia Tech with the killings. We would like to send our condolences at these dark moments. This was a tragic incedent and i am sure that people around the world will be sending their sympathy to you as-well.

Kind Regards
Richard and Jack

April 23, 2007 • #35960

Thank you for giving us such an intimate look at what you have been through.

Our prayers are with you all.

The Gordon Family
Plantation, FL

April 23, 2007 • Plantation, FL • #35961

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to bring my condolences to the families, colleagues and friends who have lost their loved ones and I want to let them know that they are not forgotten. Virginia Tech is not forgotten and I ask God the Almighty to heal, comfort and strengthen the families, colleagues and friends. These people have suffered tremendous lost and we understand, what they are going through and we are crying with them.

The 32 people were students and teachers women and men who were living their lives and had goals for it. It is painful that the world we live in is exposed to violence, anger and bitterness. They were innocent lives and they are still precious to you and to us. They have worth and value and we shall never forget them. They will always be in our hearts, minds and souls. We love and care about them and their families, colleagues and friends.

I believe Virginia Tech is a winner and her best days are just in front of her and they will conquer the worst days. It is a long road, but Virginia Tech will make it and she will see the light which will bring her to victory. We remember these precious lives that have been stolen. Don’t give up, Virginia Tech you are strong and you are the hokies. You will prevail.

God bless you, families, friends, colleagues and Virginia Tech


Balthazar Nzomono-Balenda
Student at the University of Southern Denmark Kolding, Denmark

April 24, 2007 • Kolding, Denmark • #35962

I just want to say that you guys are in alot of peoples prayers including us. you guys will overcome and you guys will recover. dont let this get you guys down. just keep going by day to day and keep looking towards tomarrow. like what it says in the bible, forgetting what is behind, strainning ahead pressing towards the goals. if you would like to respond please give me a call God bless and take care

April 24, 2007 • #35963

Hi my name is Greg,,I would first like to say that my family and myself would like to offer our deepest sympathy to all the victims and all the families and to everyone in the Hokie Nation. I am originally from blacksburg I grew up there ,went to High school there before going into the military. I now reside in Holden Beach NC, I have made a Tribute Video,and have done it as appropriate as I can,there are no pictures of the person that created this tragedy ,I have this on a few sites on the internet and it is getting really good feedback,,please feel free to pass it around to anyone and everyone that wants to see it. Again I would like to offer our condolences and may God Bless you ALL at Va Tech,stay strong, and thank you for your time.

Thank you ,Greg A.

April 24, 2007 • Holden Beach NC • #35964

To Everyone at Virginia Tech via email this date: April 17, 2007

Dear Friends, Families, Students, Faculty, and Staff of Virginia Polytechnic

Although not officially affiliated with your great institution, as a result
of the horrific events of yesterday, we have been drawn in to your family. Our sympathy is almost as indescribable as the suffering inflicted upon all of you, and especially those most directly affected - the friends and families of not only the precious, deceased loved ones, but also of those wounded and hospitalized - the innocent, the irreplaceable.

We want you all to know that in the midst of the dark cloud of sadness surrounding VT, you - the victims of this senseless outburst of hatred - have shown to the entire World a powerful beacon of unity, generated by the working of Love, with which the combined light and hope of your special community gives inspiration to us all!

God bless you in this time of mourning, but, equally important, God bless
you for your courage, dignity, and loyalty to the greatest ideals of education and learning.

Most Sincerely Yours,
Ernest and Mary Cluett

April 24, 2007 • #35965

Donna’s poem on the VT tragedy of 4-16-07
The Virginia Tech College Tragedy of April 2007

Tragedy, where does it lead, Oh Lord,
As death seems to surmount and defy all sense? It costs more than the intelligence we can afford.
We question and sigh and grieve and ask, “Why?”

The answers seem to come so slowly,
As we pick through the belongings and debris, Of those whose head and knee became lowly, In the face of the coming death they tried to flee!

We must climb out of the pits of evil or moral decay, And not be contaminated by its refuse and degradation, Looking higher and beyond ourselves to a better way. Finding the truth that explains more, what in part we now see.

Varied challenges, thought mountains, to overcome, Because we feel riddled with confusion and pain, And promise ourselves to the loss we’ll not succumb; Seeing that safety for a few was but yards away.

You sustain oh Lord, as you see the date; the hour, While we shake our heads in wonder and almost unbelief; But find in the end we must yield to your higher power, Letting go of our grip and finding comfort in your wise relief.

“It is finished” is what our blessed Saviour said, As all crime and betrayal and abandonment were addressed, When He hung on the cross and for us died and bled. At the time we could conceive no good from this.

So shall it be when awfulness enters into our midst And finds its date in the annuals of our history texts; And awaits its final prognosis of usefulness with Christ’s “fix,” Spoken by the lives whose memory let His time and healing resolve it.

Just as the seed of wheat becomes planted in the ground, And new life springs forth in spite of little rain. We must wait and see what our grief so profound, Brings forth when we subscribe to God’s higher ways!

By: Donna Sacherich
Isaiah 55; I Corinthians 15; John 12: 20-26

April 24, 2007 • #35966

I want to express my deep sadness at the indescribable tragedy that occurred last week. I didn’t know with whom to share my feelings, so I’m doing it here. I read today about the instructors and professors, as well as students, and the difficulty in reconciling grief with “getting back on track.” I have never met any of you, but have cried with you as I learned of what happened. I am 56 years old and have a freshman son at SUNY Fredonia. Bill Clinton described my feelings recently: “The older I get, the more difficult it becomes to see young people die.” If I were to be taken today, I have already had a full life. My heart is breaking for all of you, for families involved, and for the difficult healing process ahead. God bless you all. I pray for all of you.

April 24, 2007 • #35967

Dear Vigina Tech,
My name is Maral and i am a Junior at Parsippany Hills High School in Parsippany, NJ. As a high school student the news about the tragic event at Virgina Tech has affected myself and students around me. We pray for the friends and families of the victims and the students at Virgina tech. As many people around the world have been saying, “we have now become Hokies as well” I was wondering if it was possible for me to organize a “prayer package” to be given to the families of the victims of this sad event, and the college as well. if it is in any way possible that i would be able to do this from our school please let me know. Thank you.

April 24, 2007 • Parsippany, NJ • #35968

Our prayers are with you and your students and families and staff. May the grace of God keep you and give you courage during the tragic events of your lives.

James Stewart
Fishersville Va.

April 24, 2007 • Fishersville Va. • #35969

First of all I want to say I,m very sorry and shocked over the events of April 16th 2007.These kind of tragedies affect the nation as a whole.But remember you can and will heal.This country has had to endure and heal from so many tragedies.To best remember and honor those students who lost their lives that day the University students and faculty must continue to build on the concept of providing the best educational facilities possible.Our young people must continue to prepare themselves properily for times ahead.May the grace of Almighty God forever be with the friends and families of those lives who were lost.

April 24, 2007 • #35970

To whom this may concern:
My name is Benjamin Walle and I am writing to you from Buffalo, NY. First, I wanted to say how deeply sadned I am about the horrific events that occured on April 16, 2007. ALL of you are in Western New York’s hearts and prayers...I am a student at Buffalo State College, and every University and College in the Buffalo and surrounding areas have been gravely affected, we are all students trying to acheive a common goal...to be a productive member in society, thats why as im sure you have heard “we are all hokies”.
The main reason for this e-mail is that I noticed your “Witness To Tragedy” photo tribute page and then your album for “national support” I don’t know if you all have heard or not But Niagara Falls, for the first time ever due to a tragedy has lit up the falls in maroon and orange colors. I was able to get a wonderful picture of Niagara Falls lit up, and thought you might like to add it to your Album because like I said we all have support for you all. The only problem is, I cannot paste the photo through this form of email communication. I was wondering if there was another email account/address that I could send you the picture. Whenever you get a free moment please email me back with the appropriate information. Hopefully I contacted the right person. Thanks again and take care! Remember, after every dark night comes a brighter day! -Benjamin C. Walle
Buffalo, New York

April 24, 2007 • Buffalo, New York • #35971


My name is Mike Harralson. I have been following very closely and have been very touched.

Words can’t begin to express my deepest wishes, regards, and thoughts to you, the entire Virginia Tech University, lost one’s, students, graduates, staff, families, and friends.

I hope some how and way each and every day will bring a little better days each and every day.

I am really truly very sorry to the entire University, staff and students, families, and friends. All my very best with the end of the semester, finals, and graduation. I hope around the corner summer, rest of this year, the next school year, and each year will bring all the very best.

Mike Harralson

April 24, 2007 • #35972

I want to express my deepest heartfelt words of comfort to all Hokies. This tragedy hit home for me, not only because I know 3 students at VA Tech, but the shooting at the Appalachian School of Law, Grundy VA came too close for comfort for my family. My nephew was in the next room over from the shooting, his parents were away that day and he called me. I told him to lock himself in his apartment and I would be there to pick him up. He was scared to death, he had no idea what actually happened because he ran to his car and went directly to his apartment. Before I could get in the car he called me again and said he was driving to Coeburn, VA (home). The only thing I could do was sit and wait, when he arrived I met him in the driveway, and he jumped out of the car and had his arms around me in an instant. We just stood there hugging each oher and crying for a long time. He was shaking so bad, I am thankful to GOD that I was here for him. That day is instilled in my mind and heart forever, and now the same goes for everyone at Virginia Tech and the Blacksburg community. I would like to share with you the words of Rebecca Barlow Jordan that is written on a wallet card my youngest sister gave me, not long before she was killed in an auto accident. These words have given me great comfort in many situations and I pray that all Hokies can find hope from it:



April 25, 2007 • #35973






April 25, 2007 • CHARLESTOWN INDIANA • #35974

I am so sorry for the sadness that has invaded the lives of the friends, families and communities and victems of the VT campus.

My hope is that VT will have an eternal flame in memory of the students and staff whose lives were taken or injured and the ones effected by the tragedy.

We at RU keep you in our prayers and thoughts.

God bless all of you as you move forward with your lives and the memories you cherish.

Sandra Watson
Student Counseling Services

April 25, 2007 • #35975

My name is Anthony Reynolds and I am the proud owner of Reynolds’ Designs, a graphic/web design company located in Central/North Alabama. God put it on my heart to create a design for your school in memory of those who lost their lives in the Virginia Tech tragedy that took place some odd days ago. The Hokies remain in all the prayers at Reynolds’ Designs and across the world! WE REMAIN HOKIES IN ALABAMA and i believe i speak for everybody when i say that.

Take Care and God Bless,

- Anthony Reynolds

April 25, 2007 • North Alabama • #35976

I want to say how very sorry what happened to the college and all of you, it was so terrible. The day of the shooting, I came into Fairfax, VA. to visit my daughter, and when we got to her apartment, she turned on the TV and I saw what happened. I live in the State of Washington, but since I was there in Virginia, I can’t seem to shake this off, but I feel that I am in some way a part of Virginia, maybe it is because I was there for a while, I do not know if people who came there, still feel this way, but I feel so bad and sadden about what happened. God is with you all, one of these days, Satan will get his just rewards and all the people he took with him, included the shooter. You all are in my prayers, I am praying for you all every day. In my sunday school class, I spoke up and told everyone, that they need to keep the families of the Virginia Tech people that got shot, and everyone on campus, in their prayers, and they said that they would. Take Care all of you.

April 25, 2007 • #35977

I adress to you my codolence fron france, find the bravory for this drama..... I hope that this drame will do not start again and i adress my condolences to all family, profesors, students, friends.....France is with you GO HOKIES

ps: sorry for my english

Jeremie PRENEL

April 25, 2007 • France • #35978

I am a mother of two beautiful children and would like to send my condolences to all the people of virginia.

I have also just lost a both my parents and a pregnancy in one years time. So feelings of loss are of many for me every day. Much love and your all in many of hearts and prayers.

Poetry has been a large help for many to guide them through senseless times as we have had after so much show of peoples affections to guide us to help for preventative reasons like we have much of known everywhere.Dont give up.

One of my favorites is by a fleda brown that i printed from a poetry .com.

She explains a moment of what is real(very basicly) and to cherrish when you know the worse of more is a mystery.

It could help many if just the offer for them to keep a journal at home in times like these to work with their feelings and self love to better.

Take care, Ms hanewich

April 25, 2007 • #35979

No questions, I just want to express my sympathy and support for everyone at VT. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
Mette Richards

April 25, 2007 • #35980

I am a parent of a VA TECH soph. student who stayed through the tradegy of the recent occurrance. She didn’t want to come home because she was afraid she wouldn’t return. I am hopeful that her staying will help give her some closure to the murders. She has girls from the AJ Hall living in her common area of her suite in Cochrane because they didn’t want to return to their dorms. All is good.

My only comment is that I know budgets are tough. Maybe some changes to Norris Hall, such as windows are made to Bay windows, pictures changed, stairwells different.doing some changes so the building looks different will help the students. I am not a professional in this area but I think that would help.

I applaud the school how they managed things, under the circumstances I think you did what you could and acted accordingly. New guidelines will be in place for all schools and hopefully this will never happen again.

Sincerely, Julie Corpus

April 25, 2007 • #35981

I am writing in regard to the media abuse that is directed toward the Virginia Tech administration and other officials. You have done well,very, very well under the most extreme conditions one could ever even fathom from happening. You epitomize what higher education is all about. Continue please, to take care of matters at hand, take the helm, because many students, many alumni, and many, many people across this nation are relying on your leadership. Keep the Virginia Tech family together, and keep them strong.

April 25, 2007 • #35982

To the President
Please don’t let the press get to you. They are not to bright when it come to real life. To be sure we are not at all prepared in this country for murders on campus or anywhere else. Lucky us you have students there with heads on their shoulders.
Thank you for all your efforts. I would love to have a grandchild on your campus one day.
Sincerely your
Patricia A Baker

April 25, 2007 • #35983