E-mail to VT Webmaster, April 16 - 26, 2007

Please pass this on to the Counselor’s Dept. Please know that America’s Heart and Soul are with you all on this most tragic day, and in the sorrowful days to come. You are not alone, and we will always keep you in our hearts. May the Good Lord above, grant solace to the families and friends of the murdered innocents.

With much love,

A Brother from New York

April 16, 2007 • New York • #34934

I doubt this is the correct forum, but as the mother of a 2004 & 2005 alumni, and Marching Virginians alumni - I feel compelled to write. I am heart broken for the victims and their families. I can’t imagine how I would feel if my son and daughter were still there and I couldn’t get in touch with them. As a member of the VT family, I want to extend my heart and prayers to everyone, I wish I could be there to help. I even thought about grabbing my scrub uniforms, my nursing license and heading to the hospital to help, but they didn’t need to have to take the time to verify my status when they had so much going on. I am an Emergency Nurse, so I understand what they are going through. The hospital staffs will too need counseling after this horror. Even though my two are no longer there, my daughter in law’s brother is, and numberous others that we know. It is difficult to describe how I feel. The entire VT family, including students and their families, staff, the police, and rescue staff, and all others are in my heart and prayers, and will remain there.

April 16, 2007 • #34935

I would like for everyone there to know that I am praying for them. We all know that God hears all prayers and I have asked people in rooms that I visit on the internet to also please keep you in prayers as well. God bless you all.

Father, I come to ask that You please strengthen the families that are going through this terrible tradgey at this time. Surround them with Your loving arms, hold them in your hands, help them to heal and live a stronger life. I know that You hear all prayers and I thank You in the name of Your Son, Jesus. Amen.

Linda Levy-Williams
Memphis, TN

April 16, 2007 • Memphis, TN • #34936

I just wanted to express my sympathy to all of the families and classmates that were affected by the horrific tragedy that occured at your college. I want you to know that there are people all over the United States that are keeping you all in our prayers.

April 16, 2007 • #34937

Our heartfelt sorrow and sympathy goes out to all of the faculty, students and their families affected by this senseless tragedy today. It is unimaginable what would possess someone to perform such a heinous act. Please know that you are in our prayers and our hope is that the healing process for bodies, minds and spirits will begin soon.


Denise Smith

April 16, 2007 • #34938

To the Staff and Students at Va. Tech.,
My name is Robert Paul Lewis Jr. I am the current Vice President of the Student Social Workers Organization of Buffalo State College, at Buffalo, New York. This letter is to offer our deepest condolences and prayers to you, for the shocking and deplorable act which was comitted against your school today. We want to extend a hand of comfort to you and your students. Please know, that you and all of those so greviously struck down, are in our prayers and thoughts. If there is anyway we can be of help you may reach me at the above email address. Our group may also be reached at: (716) 878-3557. Our officers include the following:

Alicia Bauerfiend - President
Robert Paul Lewis Jr - Vice Presidnt
Sarah Fritz - Secretary
Anna Sisson - Treasurer

May God truely hold all of you in his arms in this time of need and sorrow.

April 16, 2007 • #34939

I wanted to express my sorrow and prayers to all of the staff, students, and families associated with Va. Tech.

April 16, 2007 • #34940

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of todays tragedy, their families, the students and faculty of VT, and the residents of the Commonwealth of Virgina. God Bless

April 16, 2007 • #34941

Hello, I would like to send my sinceres and deeply condelences to all ViginaTechs murdered and wounded students families. Now it is the time to stay with the students, the families and the teachers. From Spain, my sinceres and deeply condolences.

April 16, 2007 • Spain • #34943

My family and I pray for you and your students.My God watch over you at this time of crisis.We love you all and hope that you all can overcome the grief.We feel it too.May God bless you all Bobbi Davies and Family

April 16, 2007 • Loveland,Colorado • #34944

I am just a mom of a U of Maine student and I am extending my heartfelt sympathy for everyone at your campus today. I hold you all in thought. There are no more words. BLyon Bangor, Maine

April 16, 2007 • Bangor, Maine • #34945

My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families of today’s tragedy.

April 16, 2007 • #34946

In light of the tragedy today, I was hoping to find a way to communicate my sorrow to my father’s alma mater. I want to suggest a forum for people to express their support for the students and faculty at Tech.

April 16, 2007 • #34947

i wanted to send my deepest sympathy for everyone who did not survive and ones who did my heart goes out as my daughter a week agao was locked down at work for a gunman enetering where she worked.i send prayers that some how this world will stop the craziness and startbeing human towards people no matter what.as a parent i would be sooooooo devastated to turn on the tv and see what was on today and knowing my child could die. i live in vegas and know that tons of people send there prayers from here please im not sure what i can do to help but if there is anything please let me know.even if its to help with emails or anything. again please know lots of hugs and prayers gp out to everyone invovled today.

April 16, 2007 • #34948

Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted ... We are praying for you all, faculty, parents, students - our hearts weep, and we yearn to ease your sorrow, but what comfort are words in the face of such tragedy ? What can we say - how can we help you to heal ? It does not seem possible to bear such pain asnd horror, but bear it you must . And so, we pray for you . And we beg God to give you solace in this time of grief. May the peace that passes all understanding enter your hearts, and shed light to your paths on this darkest of days. God Bless you all - we ARE praying. Sincerely, L.A.Funkhouser, Morgon Co. WV

April 16, 2007 • Morgon Co. WV • #34949

Your school is in my families thoughts and prayers.

We are so sorry.

The Uribe Family

April 16, 2007 • #34950

My family and I want to send you all our deepest sympathy. Our prayers are with each and everyone of you. We live in Maryland but have a daughter that graduated from Roanoke College. Take one day at a time, that is all anyone can do.

God Bless VT and it’s families.

The Burrows Family

April 16, 2007 • Maryland • #34951


My name is Scott Sandars and I’m from Melbourne, Australia. I was unsure of where to email on this subject.

I would like to offer my condolenses to the students, staff and families of those affected by the shootings suffered at Virginia Tech. The thoughts and prayers of Australians are with you at this very trying time.

April 16, 2007 • Melbourne, Australia • #34952

Dear VA Tech,
This for all the college students, facutly, and families. I am deeply sorry for your loss today in the tragic shootings, as is the whole nation. I am a high school student at Delmar Middle Senior High in Delaware and many of us are deeply saddened about what has happened. Chain letters, lists, and just words of prayer have been going around schools already to support those that have lost loved ones or those that are in need of help. I would just like to say that through this very hard time, the whole nation is watching with saddened hearts and if anyone ever needs just a tender word, there will always be someone there to help. I also know that God is there to watch over the injured students in the hospital and to comfort those that have just lost a loved one. Even though it seems things will never get better, Virginia Tech and people all over the U.S will grow together in a stronger bond and be able to overcome this sudden tradgedy.

Sincerely with all of my heart,

Amanda Fields

April 16, 2007 • Delaware • #34953

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you, the teachers , students,family and friends of VT… Today Virginians died and the whole world cried....

April 16, 2007 • #34954

my daughter is an alumni of VT and I would be proud for her to go there all over again. No one can be blamed for todays tragedies. my heart goes out to all of you

April 16, 2007 • #34955

To the President of the University and the Chief of Police for the University

I can not share with you enough my sympathy for the shootings on the campus but more than that my admiration and appreciation for the information you are putting out. I’ve been watching the television coverage of your press conference and I admire the way you are conducting yourselves. I’m sorry that your abilities and decisions are being questioned, but do know, that I appreciate what you are doing and pray for you during this time as well as the deceased, their families, and the students and alumni as a whole. Bless your work and bless you. Nancy Miles

April 16, 2007 • California • #34956

As the father of the Bluffton University baseball coach who has experienced the love of a nation, is there a fund or other program set up to assist the families of the students who were lost? Please let me know

God bless Virginia tech

Jim Grandey

April 16, 2007 • #34957

I have listened to the news conferences today. I think law enforcement has done an outstanding job.

No need to respond to this email.

Thank you.

April 16, 2007 • #34958

I am from Chatham, Ontario, Canada, and I am watching live coverage of the shooting on CNN. I would like to send to all students, parents and staff deepest sympathy and you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Laurie Black & Family
Chatham, Ont. Canada

April 16, 2007 • Chatham, Ontario, Canada • #34959

i am from new zealand, i send to all my deepest sympathy and sorrow on this tragic day .. my thoughts and prayers are with you

April 16, 2007 • New Zealand • #34960

I have been watching this horror since it first came on this morning. I personally know one of the injured and a student who at last I heard is ok. I am moved to e-mail you after just seeing a press conference in which a reporter accused the Virginia Tech. President and the Police Chief of appearing, dispassionate. These men, like all of us are in shock. Unlike all of us, they need to investigate, inform victims families, and report to the press and the country on an unbelievable situation. It is time to support the students, families and faculty of Tech. , including the campus police, who Im sure, are more devastated than most of us can imagine. Rather than spend out time focusing on blame and error, let us please focus on what can be done again to avoid another incident.

April 16, 2007 • #34961

This was the only email address I could seem to find, so I would appreciate it if you could pass this on in some way.

I live in Alameda, California and I just wanted to let you know that my heart goes out to the families, friends and the whole student body of VA Tech.

Even though I am thousands of miles away and have no relatives attending VA Tech, I am still in shock and just have this sadness in my heart.

Please know that all of you are in my thoughts and in my prayers. I will say a special pray tonight when I go to bed.

My sincere condolences to all of Virginia.

Ismael David Facio

April 16, 2007 • Alameda, California • #34962

As a fellow graduate student, I just wanted to offer my prayers and concern for Virginia Tech today. I don’t know the proper channels to send this e-mail so I hope it reaches someone that can pass it along. As I went to class today, I sat there with a heavy heart and realized the shooting incident at VT could happen anywhere. I wish the best out of this horrible tradgedy. God be with whoever reads this and please share that students all over the country are hurting for Virginia Tech and are praying for all of you.

April 16, 2007 • #34963

As an Alumni and a member of the Virginia community I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to student, facility, and loved ones of todays tragic events. Many of us would like to help in any manor we can. If there is anything we can do, donations, a place for someone to stay, a helping hand, we would like to help. Sincerely, Erik Meline

April 16, 2007 • #34964

To whom it may concern,
My name is Emma Lieblich I am in 8th grade at Crabapple Middle School in Georgia. I am the Jr. Beta Vice President and after I found out about the shooting at your school that occured this afternoon I immediately thought what could we do to help. For each of our meetings we do a service project and if you have any needs that we could do to help you all out would be great. Please respond to my e-mail address with any ideas, if not it’s fine. My heart is with your college, Emma Lieblich

April 16, 2007 • Georgia • #34965

I just want to let you and your students and faculty know that my family and I are keeping all of you in our thoughts and prayers at this time. I can’t imagine the heart ache and feelings that all of you are having but it must be horrible! Please know that we are praying for you all and cannot believe that such a tragedy has occured!


Katie L. Graham

April 16, 2007 • #34966

Not sure who to contact at your facility - from a colleague, all sympathy and prayers are with all staff and students.

Miriam Dayhew
Charles Sturt University
NSW Australia

April 16, 2007 • NSW Australia • #34967

Thank you for this update. My heart goes out to the parents, students, faculty and administration at VT. I, as a parent, am offering my help at this time. Please let me know if we can be of any assistance to you or your staff.

Donna Gooding

April 16, 2007 • #34968

step out your doors even though it scares,if you don’t you’ll get stuck behind that door. grab your friends, knock on in on your neighbor doors pull them out and keep going forward… your in our prayers

April 16, 2007 • #34969

Dearest Students At Virginia Tech, I am very, very sorry and saddened to hear what happened to your students and the masacare at your university. I am worried about the well being of your students now and you are in my prayers for the recovery of there minds and souls. You all have to go on .be strong and believe in the good of yourselves because you are still all good people. I am hoping for you all in the coming months and that you can all look to god and yourselves for peace of mind and that the strong people amongst you can be there for the weak at this time. Just an idea to help , could be to put aside a room and fill it with pastel paints, cushions and have walls free where students can just go in there at any time an paint how they feel,sit or leave aphoto of a lost friend or peom and have a volunteers in there on a roating roster to be there for greiving students. sincerest wishes Wendy

April 16, 2007 • #34970

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everone at VT. God Bless you

Danny Sheila Wrather
Sedalia Kentucky

April 16, 2007 • Sedalia Kentucky • #34971

Dear VT Faculty, Staff, & Students,

May God bless you during these dark days in the history of VT! The thoughts and prayers of the nation are with you! Words can not begin to express our sympathy and since of loss that you must be going through. Once again, our condolences go out to you!

May God Bless You!



April 16, 2007 • #34972

I believe that Cassell Colliseum will not hold the amount of people who would like to attend the service for their fallen peers. Cassell only holds approximately 10,000 people and I believe there will be many more than 10,000 people who would like to attend the service. Eventhough it is forecasted to be very windy tomorrow, I believe that Lane Stadium would be a much better venue for the service. I don’t care about being in the wind and I’m sure no one else will either. Thank you for your time and I only hope you can take this idea into consideration.

April 16, 2007 • #34973

We are praying for all of you.

April 16, 2007 • #34974

Please accept my sincere condolences for the tragic events that have cut down so many young lives. In the midst of the terrible darkness that has descended upon you all that are linked in some way to the university, please know that many many people all over the world, including myself, are sending you prayers of love and support. You are not alone. Light will prevail. Ffran May-Prigent, Brittany, France.

April 16, 2007 • Brittany, France • #34975

Being the father of two daughters college age, my hearts aches over the tragedy that happened today. I was unable to work today and found myself drawn to the horror that unfolded on your campus. i ask that your administration try to understand the depth of the pain our entire country feels about the tremendous loss of innocent lives today and do everything in your power to ensure the families of those who died and injured are treated honestly, fairly, promptly, and with the caring they deserve. This is not a time for delays, cover-up, or unecessary additional pain inflicted on them. As a concerned citizen and dad, I ask that you continue to face the truth no matter how hard it may be. If there are better ways to protect our children, please employ them. Dont wait, do it now. My heart goes out to everyone at VATech and their loved ones.... Sincerely, Richard G. Joyce Concerned Father Atlanta, Georgia

April 16, 2007 • Atlanta, Georgia • #34976

My prayers and thoughts are with your school and families at this horrible time.

April 16, 2007 • #34977

Dear friends, in this sad moments I am very glad in sending to you my solidarity with all the victims and my respect to all the victims you’ve had. Really, in Spain there are a lot of people who, also, loves your country and feels like you. God bless that killed child.

(Excuse but my bad english, but my heart is with you)

I’ll try that in my Church remember your child.


Javier I. de la Mota

April 16, 2007 • Madrid,Spain • #34978

God bless Virginia Tech and all those who have suffered a tremendous loss. Parent of a VT graduate, 1999.

April 16, 2007 • #34979

Our hearts go out to the whole university community on this sad day. Be assured of our thoughts and prayers. It sounds to us like all are doing their very best in an extremely tough and tragic situation. Dont let the second guessers get you down!

April 16, 2007 • #34980

My utmost sympathy goes out to your campus and your community. What a tragic incident. My prayers go out to everyone.

My Niece has a husband who was scheduled to go to work today at the campus to tutor a student, the student luckily called to cancel the appointment last night.

This is not how your community should be remembered, my sister said how nice your city was and that she thought it would be so neat to live there.

You will get through this, and our nation will get through this because you have touched the hearts of thousands of communities and campuses around the country.

God bless your school and community.
Stay together and stay strong.
Amy Klinka

April 16, 2007 • #34981

Pardon the intrusion. This is probably not the right place to e-mail but it seemed the closest. Just wanted you to know that here in TX our thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Our hearts hurt. God bless! margie

April 16, 2007 • #34982

My heart aches for all of you. I have a daughter who is graduating in 3 weeks from a university here in Texas. To imagine such a crime on her campus is very frightening to a parent. I’m certain that all parents and families of Virginia Tech students are mourning over their losses and are in true shock.

But for all of you that have to live through this day and the days to come, I wish you much calm and peace. Know that a nation stands behind you in prayer and support through the difficult days ahead.

Lisa Armstrong
Sugar Land, Texas

April 16, 2007 • Sugar Land, Texas • #34983

The Need To Pray:

Lord, I trust you. I Cast my cares upon You, and I believe that You’re going to take care of my ( fill in the bracket with your prayer request ) situation in the name of JESUS Father, in the name of Jesus, I confess right now, and realize that I am a sinner. I repent of all my sins. I make an 180-degree turn away from all my sins. I change my heart, I change my mind, I change my direction, and I turn toward Jesus Christ. I confess with my mouth that God raised Jesus from the dead, and I believe in my heart that Jesus is alive and operates in my life. I thank you Lord that I am saved. I love you God; I love you Jesus, HALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH. In Jesus’ name I pray Amen.

The LORD Bless You and Keep you; The LORD make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; The LORD lift up His countenance upon you and give you Peace, Love, Joy, to be Debt Free, Wealth, Riches, and Good Health for You and Your Families in the name of JESUS Amen!
Our Father Who art in heaven, hallow be thine name, thine kingdom come. Thine will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from all evil. For thine is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory forever and ever in Jesus name Amen.

Heavenly Father: We thank you for your many blessings on our lives and we thank you for loving us. GOD we commission you to bless all our families; church family, home family, school family, work family, relatives, enemies, friends, missionaries, neighbors and those we care deeply for, right now. Please protect our brave men and women of the military we pray for success of the mission. GOD we commission you to please bless our military leaders and civilian authorities. Bless the homeless, orphans, the poor and the widows. God we love Jerusalem because you love Jerusalem we pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Please bring a future of hope, stability, peace, freedom and spiritual breakthroughs throughout Iraq and the Middle East. Heavenly Father we commission you to forgive our sins and heal our land. Bless us to be obedient to your word and to have respect for your word The Holy BIBLE. Help us to LOVE everyone. We pray for guidance for the President and his administration. Bless and protect all Judges and their families. Lord please anoint us with your favor as we tell others about you. We bind the spirit of Jealousy and Loose the love of God in everyone’s life. Show us a new revelation of your love and power. GOD we commission you to help us to LOVE our neighbors as ourselves. Holy Spirit, we ask you to minister to our spirit at this very moment. Where there is pain, we bind the spirit of infirmity and we loose the spirit of life and the gifts of healing give us your peace and mercy. Where there is self-doubt, we bind the spirit of fear and we loose love, power, and a sound mind. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for Your Peace and for delivering us from fear. God please release a renewed confidence through your grace. God we thank you for blessing us over the highways and byways and we pray for traveling mercies to arrive safely to our destinations. Where there is need, we commission you to fulfill our needs. This is the day the Lord has made we shall rejoice and be glad in it. Bless our homes, families, finances, our goings and our comings. GOD we thank you for giving us instructions in your word The Holy BIBLE. GOD, we commission you to please help us to help you to help us make this world a better place to live in. HALLELUJAH HALLELUJAH HALLELUJAH In Jesus’ Precious name I pray, Amen GOD, Amen JESUS, Amen Holy Ghost.
Sister Sandra Denice Kelly

81, 91; 103; 2 CHRONICLES 7:14; MARK 11; EPHESIANS 5 AND 6;

April 16, 2007 • #34984