Condolences, April 18, 2007

To all who have been so tragically affected by this horrible act,
We pray for God’s peace which surpasses all understanding fill your hearts. My family and I will continue to pray for all of you and that you may seek God for comfort and protection.

God bless you all,

April 18, 2007, 11:41am • Miami, FL • #13447



April 18, 2007, 11:41am • MOUNT VERNON, WASHINGTON • #13448

It is an aweful reflection of society and of times, That an event like this that places its day, date and time alongside those of the JFK,MLK assinations, Challenger explosion and of Columbine that we as Americans mark time. 

I cannot ease any sorrow, remove any pain, or even find adequate words to offer comfort.  But Virginia Tech do know this, that on April 16th 2007, We all became HOKIES in mind, spirit and resolve.

Look forward to the peace that will come, do not be quick to chastise or hasten for vengence, be strong in reflection and quick to unite.  May God Bless You All!

Stephen and Susie Kalnasi and family

April 18, 2007, 11:42am • Overland Park, Kansas • #13449

The Board of Trustees for the Golden Hills School Division, along with staff and students, sends condolences to the students, their families, staff and faculty, and community of Virginia Tech in the wake of the unspeakable, incomprehensible horror that occurred this week.  Our hearts and our prayers go out to all of you at this time.  Please know that your friends in Canada share your grief.  We are all touched by this tragedy.

April 18, 2007, 11:42am • Strathmore, Alberta Canada • #13450

Terrible. I was a high school exchange student in Newport News, Va. 20 years ago.

My condolences go the victims’ families and friends, to the students and the staff of Virginia Tech.

Action is better than reaction. America, do something about guns. 

Prayers from Slovenia,


April 18, 2007, 11:42am • Solvenia • #13451

I currently live in MN, and grew up in IA- however, today I feel your pain and sadness as if I had gone to VT myself.  I work at a college and please know- the thoughts and prayers of our entire college community are with you.  I will be sporting Orange and Maroon on Friday in your honor.
May peace come, tears fade, and memories live on forever.

April 18, 2007, 11:42am • Plymouth, MN • #13452

You are all in our thoughts (here in New England).  As I followed the event on the news - I realized the devastation one person can do. This tragedy is truly heartwrenching. I pray you all find the strength to move on. We will never forget.

April 18, 2007, 11:42am • Providence, RI • #13453

For all the community, students, and familes left behind.

May God be with you.

You are in our thoughts and in our prayers…

April 18, 2007, 11:42am • Butler, Pennsylvania • #13454

At a time such as this words cannot express the pain and sorrow that we feel for the victims, their families and the Virginia Tech community.  My prayer is that the Lord will continue to give you all strength as you journey through this valley.  God’s word encourages that it is in the valley that He restores our souls.  Psalm 91 tells us that “he who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” May you find yourself under the shadow of his wings.  Call upon the Lord and he will answer you and comfort you.  May the Lord strengthen you and may you find that as you take one breath at a time he will be there to give you strength beyond what you could imagine.  May he hold you in the palm of His mighty hand.

April 18, 2007, 11:42am • Eddington, Maine • #13455

WVU fan sporting Hokie gear today. I’m sure I speak for all WVU fans when I say God be with you. I know Hokie nation will overcome and come back stronger than ever. I challenge all with your university stickers on your car to put a VT beside it to show your support for all that remain and those lost…

God be with you all,

April 18, 2007, 11:42am • Charlotte, NC (WVU) • #13456

April 18, 2007
What can I possibly say or do to make your burden lighter?  How can I hold you to give you comfort? 
Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.  Long after these unbelievably painful days have passed, you will remain not only in our history, but in our hearts as well.
America is strongest where her heart has been broken.
God Bless,

April 18, 2007, 11:42am • Cape Coral, Florida • #13457

Twenty months ago, tragedy struck the city that I live and work in.  I know that many VT students took time from their Thanksgiving break to come to my city and help us rebuild after the biggest natural disaster in history.  There are no houses to rebuild so our physical help on your campus would be of no use, there are however hearts and souls to rebuild and you can count on the prayers of New Orleanians to help you begin to rebuild the lives of so many that were effected from this tragedy.  Thank you for your help during our tragedy and please accept our prayers through yours.

Lindsey Albarado

April 18, 2007, 11:42am • New Oreans, LA • #13458


My parents are VT alumni, and my mother stayed in West AJ. I had the opportunity to visit your campus years ago as a child and thought it was beautiful.

When you return to class, hold your heads high with confidence because of your respect for your fellow man, and know that this trait is what separates you from the many selfish and cowardly people in this world.

I join you in grieving your loss and praying for your loved ones.

David M.

April 18, 2007, 11:42am • Columbia, South Carolina • #13459

Thinking of you all.  Shocking.

April 18, 2007, 11:42am • UNITED KINGDOM • #13460

Mes pensées viennent de France…
que l’amour aide les familles dans le désespoir et apaise leur coeurs blessés.


April 18, 2007, 11:42am • Paris, France • #13461

I am in a small town in illinois and heard about the tragedy early in the morning geting gas before school. i am sorry to all the people who lost someone close to them, or even someone they barely knew. i know words cannot express how we all feel, but i’m glad they made this site so we can share the pain, and console ones who need it.

many hopes and prayers are coming from our town.


April 18, 2007, 11:42am • illinois, USA • #13462

To all of the Hokies…

My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you!  May your wounds and hearts be healed.  Stay strong.

April 18, 2007, 11:42am • Baton Rouge, Louisiana • #13463

My roommates and I here at Rutgers University were shocked and extremely saddened by the events that took place.  We feel as if there is a bond between all college students and we can’t even begin to imagine the struggle that your community is going through.  Our condolences go out to the families and friends of the victims. Although our words will never heal your wounds, just now that you’re in our thoughts and hearts, even if we are miles away. 

Max Rosales
Jose Medina
Jenna Valentine
Carlos Maderol
Carlos Medina

April 18, 2007, 11:42am • Newark, NJ • #13464

As both a social worker and parent, I am just stunned with this horrific tragedy. As many have said, words cannot touch your grief.  But my family and I have been praying for all of you who have have lost family & friends. God be with you. D. Patton

April 18, 2007, 11:43am • Traverse City, MI. Holliday ,TN. • #13465

My deepest sympathy to:

the teachers, students, and family members of this terrible tragedy @ Virg. Tech. May the strength of God be with all of us during these hard times. -God Bless-

April 18, 2007, 11:43am • Greendale, Wi • #13466

To all my VT friends,

I am beyond sorry that this happened to you all.  Although I cannot truly empathize what you are going through, I feel the pain that you are dealing with.  I’m from the same generation as you, and I can’t believe that something like this would happen, especially in my home state of Virginia.  Although I did not attend VT, I’m from Virginia Beach and I did go to a Virginia school and have pleanty of friends that go there.  Just like all of you, I sat by the television and on the computer wondering whether my friends survived.  For those who did survive, and the family and friends of those who did not, please take a little comfort in knowing that I am thinking of you constantly.  You will all get through this with flying colors… especially those of maroon and orange. 

Please take care.

A close friend,


April 18, 2007, 11:43am • New York, New York • #13467

To the families, students and faculty of Virginia Tech and the community of Blacksburg VA, we send condolences and let each and everyone of you know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. And even though there are so many miles between us, we feel your pain and sorrow as if we were there with all of you. I see so much pain and sorrow when I watch the news about your devastating loss, but I also see so much amazing strength too, the kind of strength and love and compassion that you all endure that is going to help you and your families and friends and faculty through all of this, and become even a stronger community. They say that everything happens for a reason, and right now each and everyone world wide can’t possibly figure what reasoning there could be for taking the lives of such wonderful people.... teachers helping young people study for their futures and young people blueprinting the pathways to their future. And… yes we are confused as why God chose to take your friends and lovedones at this time, but we also know that they are in good hands and a beautiful place.

April 18, 2007, 11:43am • Judy Taylor Springfield, Missouri • #13468

To all affected by this terrible tragedy.
Our thoughts and prayers are with the fellow students, families, and teachers at this sad time.
I espicially wanted to express grief for the Teacher who survived the ‘Holocaust’ only to die in these tragic circumstances.
I would also like to say, the young man who has committed this unforgiving crime has a Mother & Father just like all of us.  God only knows how they are coping at this moment.  Our thoughts are with you.
Sara B (Manchester, England)

April 18, 2007, 11:43am • Manchester, England • #13469



April 18, 2007, 11:43am • DURHAM, NC • #13470

Deepest sympathies from Wales, U.K. I wish the families, friends, students and staff all the strength during this unimagineably painful time.

I’r Gad

April 18, 2007, 11:43am • Wales, United Kingdom • #13471

Recordando a Santa Teresa de Jesús, para este momento tan doloroso:

Nada te turbe,
nada te espante;
todo se pasa,
DIOS no se muda
la paciencia todo lo alcanza:
quien a Dios tiene
nada le falta:
sólo DIOS basta.

Jose Vicente (53), España, Valencia.

April 18, 2007, 11:43am • Valencia, España. • #13472

As a UVA alumna, there are very few circumstances in which I’d agree to wear VT colors. But this week, my colors are orange and maroon, and I will wear them proudly, without hesitation, and with my deepest sympathies to everyone touched by this horrible tragedy.

April 18, 2007, 11:43am • Minneapolis, MN • #13473

I cannot comprehend how everyone affected by this tragedy must be feeling and will be feeling for some time to come!  My heart goes out to each and everyone of you touched by this pain.  I pray that someday soon, the pain will ease from your hearts and you will find inner peace again.
My deepest condolences!

April 18, 2007, 11:43am • Canada • #13474

Together we stand as brothers and sisters in Christ. We can not imagine and pain and suffering that VT is going through but our heart and prayers goes out to you. Our deepest condolences goes out to the people who lost a loved one. May God be with you guys and walk beside you through this hard time.

Trisha & Tang Vang

April 18, 2007, 11:43am • Aurora, IL • #13475

im really sad about what happen, perder a alguien debe ser lo mas doloroso del mudo y mas en estas cirnscuntacias, pero hay que aferrarse a Dios y pedir por ellos, y pedir por los demas que estamos en el mundo para que Dios nos de serenidad en los peores momentos y nos de cordura para enfrentar las situaciones mas horribles.

a hug to all this families and people that lose his friends and families.

April 18, 2007, 11:43am • dominican republic • #13476

As an alumna, I want to reiterate the statement ... you’re not alone.  Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.

Taylor Mac Kenzie, Class of 2006

April 18, 2007, 11:43am • Pomona, NY • #13477

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the VT community. Your stength and pride makes me proud to say I am a Virginian.

April 18, 2007, 11:43am • Gloucester, Virginia • #13478

To all of the family, friends of the students of
Va. Tech. Please know that the whole world shares in your greif, and loss. My prayers, and thoughts are with all of you at Va. Tech.

April 18, 2007, 11:43am • Baton Rouge, La. 70810 • #13479

Pure at heart!

That’s what I want to desribe about Prof. Librescu.

I could have never imagined such a tragedy to such a noble personality. I feel deeply sorry for him.

April 18, 2007, 11:43am • South Korea • #13480

Dear Virginia Tech families,

I offer you my deepest sympathy. Times like these tests our friendship, courage, patience, and respect for one another. Whatever God you worship, He is with you. You are in prayers and thoughts. You are Virginia Tech.


April 18, 2007, 11:43am • Chicago, IL • #13481

To the VT Family,

Let the love and support for each other that you show the world give you the strength to move forward and be an inspiration for us all.  We pray we will learn from your sorrow.

You honor your stricken colleagues and friends with your quiet and noble spirit.  Our most heartfelt prayers are with you now and in the days to come, and the spirit of the Lord will always be with you.

May the strength of all these prayers sustain you.

April 18, 2007, 11:43am • Carlisle, Pennsylvania • #13482

I just wanted to express my sincere condolences for the friends and family of those lost in this tragic event.  I will say a prayer for those lost and for the VT community.

April 18, 2007, 11:43am • St. Louis, MO • #13483

my prayers are with the entire hokie nation
god bless all familes affected by this crimal act
we are vt
we are the hokies
lets go hokies !
lets go hokies !
lets go hokies !
never let us forget

April 18, 2007, 11:43am • ron townley westerville oh usa • #13484

Our hearts ache for the families of the victims and all of the Virginia Tech community.  Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Beth & Chick Griebel

April 18, 2007, 11:43am • Bethel, CT • #13485

I can’t even imagine how the victim’s and their families feel right know. I will pray for all you involved in this horrific tragedy. When I think of this incident a million thoughts run through my mind. How could someone take the lives of 32 innocent people and then cowardly kill themselves? If the shooter was so depressed why did he not take his own life and not harm anyone else. When things like this happen it really scares the whole world, I am from Canada and it really scares me to know there are people like this out there. How are we supposed to send our children off to elementary school, high school or University when things like this our happening in the world today? I will keep all of you in my heart and God will punish the person who is responsible for all this hurt and pain caused, Peace be with all of you.

April 18, 2007, 11:44am • Canada • #13486

Deepest condolences to all affected by this outrage. Prayers and best wishes to all concerned.


April 18, 2007, 11:44am • Edinburgh, Scotland • #13487

Life is short.

This is a clear and shocking reminder of such . . .

Our prayers, heart, and thoughts are with the victims families and everyone affected by this horrible sequence of events.

With time, and love - the healing will begin, just remember how many people spread across this world are “with you” - right now adn for as long as you need it.

Blessed be,
Eli & Scott Houglum

April 18, 2007, 11:44am • Seattle, WA - USA • #13488

I am from NC but lived in Pulaski, VA for awhile last year. My heart is broken and full of pain that I feel for the students and the families of the ones who lost their lives. I am a mother of three and no matter how hard I try to image what the parents are going thru I can’t even come close. I am so deeply sorry for your loss, I will keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

April 18, 2007, 11:44am • Sanford, NC • #13489

respected teachers and dear friends

though i am not a part of this university but my prayers will be for familes who lost their dear ones.

rikin talati

April 18, 2007, 11:44am • st.louis, mo U.S.A • #13490

God Bless the victims, families, and friends affected by this horrific tragedy.
You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

April 18, 2007, 11:44am • Ontario, Canada • #13491

To the community of Virginia Tech:  Words can not express the heartfelt sympathy of your loss.  You do not mourn along for the nation and the world mourns with you.  Be encourage in during your time of sorrow.


April 18, 2007, 11:44am • Houston, Texas • #13492

Not a minute in the day goes by that our heart, thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by this grievous trajedy. I pray each day for all those suffering to find strength, courage and most of all support. Please don’t be silent about your fears or concerns- Talk to someone- anyone!  Forever in our hearts and prayers. May God Bless You and Keep You!!

Robert and Kim Samuels

April 18, 2007, 11:44am • New Kent, Virginia • #13493

I first would like to say to the family that lost love ones my pray goes up for u. Not only to those families but to those that have family injury that day. Now I sit me down in school, where praying is aginst the rule, for this great nation under God. Finds mention of Him very odd. If Scripture now the class recites It violated the Bill of Rights. Anytime my head I bow Becomes a federal matter now. The law is specific: the law is precise. Praying out loud is no longer nice. Praying out loud in public hall Upsets those who believe in nothing at all. In silence alone we can meditate ANd if God should get the credit-great! They are bringing their guns: I don’t dare bring my bible, To do so, might make me liable. So, now Oh LOrd, this plea I make: Should I be shot in school, My soul please take.

Pass it on....

I thought this was well worth passing along. WHen our children have to start praying they won’t be shot in school and are not even allowed to pray aloud to their Lord for comfort It’s time we took another look at the laws of our nation.

April 18, 2007, 11:44am • Pine Bluff, AR. US • #13494

While watching the sad tradegy I felt that I had to send my deep felt saddness for all the families and friends of all those that were taken from them.  I have shed tears for all of you and me and my family the Kemptons from England send our deepest sympathy with everyone involved even though we do not know you personally.

We hope that god is with you at this sad time.

April 18, 2007, 11:44am • England • #13495

My heart and prays go to all the victims and families and students.God is watching over all of you. May you all get thorough this difficult period with your love for each other.

April 18, 2007, 11:44am • Philadelphia,pa • #13496