Condolences, April 18, 2007

May the love of God and the peace that passes all understanding be with all who have suffered as a result of this horrendous act. My prayes are with all the fmailies and frineds of the departed and injured ones.

Mona and Family

April 18, 2007, 7:50am • Nottingham, England • #8795

Dear Hokies - as a fellow hokie living abroad I can only imagine a fraction of what you all must be feeling.  Its so hard seeing my beloved university on international news associated with such tragedy.  My thoughts are with you all, and with the families who were so unfortunately affected.  Chin up hokies, be strong.
Love from England,

April 18, 2007, 7:50am • London, England • #8796

Our thoughts and prayers are with all the Virginia Tech staff, students and their families.

April 18, 2007, 7:50am • Strathroy, Ontario Canada • #8797

My most sincere condolences to all the VT family.

Francesco Federico

April 18, 2007, 7:50am • Milan, Italy • #8798

when i heard of this news, i felt really bad for the victims of this tragedy and i just felt really bad for these victims as they were not given any justice....

April 18, 2007, 7:50am • bacolod city, philippines • #8799

To all family and friends affected, you have my thoughts.

April 18, 2007, 7:50am • Melbourne, Australia • #8800

To you all, may you know our thoughts and prayers are with you. God bless you.

April 18, 2007, 7:50am • Pottsville, Pa. • #8801

As a VT graduate, I wish to express my deepest sympathy to the entire VT community.  Although it is difficult to understand the reasoning behind such a tragedy, it does present a time for realizing what is truly important in our lives.  My blessings to each of you as we travel down this road together.  My thoughts and prayers are with you - may God’s presence be especially felt in the upcoming days and months which lie ahead.

Holly Caldwell Ratwani
M. Acct. (2000)

April 18, 2007, 7:50am • Fishersville, Virginia • #8802

On behalf of the Brink family, our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families, their friends, and the Hokie Nation. 

The Hokie Nation is a “family” of devoted individuals that will strive to find a gleam of hope, even after the worst of situations.  The aftermath of these tragic events has displayed this devotion and the strong will to overcome adversity.  I am confident that Virginia Tech will prevail.



Damian Brink ‘00
Tamara Brink
Dennis & Trudy Brink (Richmond, VA)
Tracy Kendrick and Family (Broadnax, VA)

April 18, 2007, 7:50am • West Palm Beach, FL • #8803

Our thoughts and prayers are with EVERYONE at Virginia Tech and their families.

God Bless you all!

April 18, 2007, 7:50am • Midland, Michigan • #8804

Our thoughts and prayers are with VT, the victims, their families and friends.

May you find comfort knowing that people around the world are holding you all in their hearts.

Allison, Jim, and Jessica

April 18, 2007, 7:50am • Melbourne, FL • #8805

I am a retired school principal and I know how hard school officials work to keep students safe.  My heart aches for you and I want you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. May God bless you and know that His arms are wrapped around you.

April 18, 2007, 7:50am • Columbus, Ohio • #8806

Though over the thousands miles, we commiserate with families and friends of those injured and lost in this terrible tradegy.
Nothing is more valuable than one’s life.
Praying with you. Thinking of you.
Sincerest condolences,

April 18, 2007, 7:50am • Moscow, Russia • #8807

I express my heartfelt condolence to all the demised souls and may god give their family, friends and relatives strength to overcome this grief. They are all gone but will not be forgotton.

April 18, 2007, 7:50am • Kathmandu, Nepal • #8808

We are so sorry about this tragedy and we grieve with you.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.
God bless!!

April 18, 2007, 7:50am • Almelo, Netherlands • #8809

I am a highschool student from Bainbridge, Ohio and I was greatly effected by this tragedy.  Through watching the videos and reading all of the articles I was brought to tears. I can’t even imagine all the pain the victims families and friends are expierencing and i would like to share my condolences.  May they all rest in peace.

April 18, 2007, 7:50am • ohio • #8810

my condolences goes to all the family affected it is a sad moment

April 18, 2007, 7:50am • tampa florida • #8811

To everyone at VaTech our thoughts and prayers go out to each and everyone of you. Peace and love from everybody at Randolph High School.

April 18, 2007, 7:50am • Randolph, NJ • #8812

Our hearts go out to the families, students and facilty of Virginia Tech.

April 18, 2007, 7:50am • Monticello, MN 55362 • #8813

As an adjunct instructor at the Community College of Rhode Island, I would like to send out my condolences and deepest sympathies to the entire VA Tech community.  My prayers are with all of you during this time. julia micks

April 18, 2007, 7:51am • worcester, ma • #8814

I am so sorry that you suffered this terrible tragedy.

April 18, 2007, 7:51am • England • #8815

Was horrified and appalled by this incident, the whole world was ! My thoughts firstly, go to the students who lost their lives and to those injured and hopefully make a speedy recovery. Also to the students who were witnesses to the whole event as they will be traumitised too and need much help and support for a long time to come.
You all did Virginia proud by conducting yourself in a proud and calming way and am sure the whole world have the utmost respect for all of you. Thought and best wishes to all students, family and friends who are suffering at this time.

April 18, 2007, 7:51am • glasgow scotland uk • #8816

I am deeply saddened by the events of April 16.  I am offering prayers for the families and friends of those who were taken from this life so young, and so selfishly.  I will pray for their souls.

jennifer m.

April 18, 2007, 7:51am • Norristown, PA • #8817


April 18, 2007, 7:51am • LAS CRUCES, NM • #8818

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing on behalf of the Czech Technical University in Prague to express our sympathy with the whole university community in Blacksburg after the terrible recent incident.

Our sympathy goes to the families of the students and professors who were killed, and to those who suffered injuries.

It is really not possible for an open institution such as a university to take effective measures to prevent such an incident. As a member of the management team of a large technical university, I wish to express my sympathy with and my support for our counterparts at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute, who have had to deal with the kind of situation that no university should even need to make contingency plans for.

Everyone at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute is in the minds of university communities such as ours, all over the world, and we wish you much strength in adversity.

April 18, 2007, 7:51am • Czech Republic, Czech Technical University in Prag • #8819

The human mind cannot grasp the reasons why senseless tragedies occur. My heart, my thoughts, my prayers go out to each father, mother, wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, sister, brother, colleague and friend that has lost a loved one. This pain is not only shared by members of VT but by the whole country. We have lost family together, we mourn together, we pray together, we will remember together. My deepest sympathies to all.

April 18, 2007, 7:51am • Pittsburgh, PA • #8820

My heart is heavy for the terrible tragedy that has happen to the families of all victims (the injured and the past) along with all the students and faculty that was spared.  I choose not to use the word lucky for those that were spared because I am sure that they do not feel lucky.  I would guess that you are, as well as I am, along with the rest of the country, confused of why it happened to those that were injured and killed.  The country is in shock as to how and why something like this has happened to our children and teachers. I am just a small person that wishes that there was something I could do to help just one person or family to sort through their thoughts and feelings of why.  My heart just goes out to everyone.  I know this sounds more like a ramble but I really do have a heavy heart for everyone.

April 18, 2007, 7:51am • Berea, KY • #8821

To all the students and faculty of Virginia Tech....  Our thoughts and prayers are with you all, and with the families who have lost their children. As the mother of two college students, I can’t begin to imagine the pain and loss those parents feel right now...My heart goes out to them all.  Stay Strong Hokie’s!!!
The Corbett Family

April 18, 2007, 7:51am • Westerly, Rhode Island • #8822

May God give all of you the strength to get through these troubled and difficult days of mourning for your loved ones and friends....Sincere condolences from New Zealand…

April 18, 2007, 7:51am • Auckland, New Zealand • #8823

As the reality sinks in you realize that all your friends are going to be going through really difficult times now. In what has been calling the darkest night Virginia Tech has ever seen, their fortitude is one of the brightest lights. We pray that the Almighty will strengthen and sustain the Virginia Tech Family during this most difficult time.

- Shari

April 18, 2007, 7:51am • Ramstein Hookie • #8824

To all those at Virginia tech

My deepest sympathies. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Lets go Hokies !!!


April 18, 2007, 7:51am • melbourne, Australia. • #8825

To everyone

words can not say how i feel.But my heart and prayers go out to everyone.I wish i could hug everyone.  ((((((((( VT )))))))))))

Thoughts and prayers
Richard Swinehart

April 18, 2007, 7:51am • Port Hueneme,ca • #8826

Shoop da whoop

April 18, 2007, 7:51am • Chargin, LZR • #8827

As a daughter of one of the VT Homecoming Queens, this has hit me hard.I have shared my tears with the rest of the VT family.
I want to share my prayers for families who have had loses and injuries. May God ease your pain in your time of trouble, comfort your tears, and help you remember the happy times. May He carry you across these hard times instead of walking next to you.
In memory I have sent my children to their elememtary school wearing the VT outfits, flown my flag at half mast, and tied orange and maroon ribbon from my mailbox.
God Bless
Barbara Vogh
daughter of Shirley Tolley Cornish

April 18, 2007, 7:51am • Warner Robins, Ga • #8828

My heart goes out to all the people that lost a loved one this was a very tragic Incident that took the lives of many people. god bless everyone and i will have you in my prayers

April 18, 2007, 7:51am • PA • #8829

My Heart gose out to all the Familes and Friends of those who lost someone in this needless act of vilolece

April 18, 2007, 7:51am • Macon Ga • #8830

I went to Radford and spend much time at VA Tech as a college student. The community spirit, love for the school and amazingly beautiful campus was always impressive and you just wanted to be there for football games to support and be “Hokie”, even if you didn’t attend. I have a college student of my own now at Longwood and they are all mourning the loss of many friends they went to high school with and their families. Virginia colleges are a family. My heart hurts for all of these wonderful kids. They truly have shown grace under the most difficult circumstances. My most sincere wishes and prayers for all the students, the faculty, the fallen and their families. There are no words to describe the sorrow. Much love.  jan Hartman

April 18, 2007, 7:51am • Lebanon, Ohio • #8831

I am deeply saddened about what have happened. It could have been prevented in many ways. God has called his Angels. It was their time. I am so sorry for everyones losses and i will be parying for everyone.

April 18, 2007, 7:51am • Timberlake, NC • #8832

Our condolences goes to all of you that lost one of your loved once. This tradgedy affects people around the world. We have to stop the voilence and hatred trough the world.

The US has to restrict business with guns and all type of weaponds and trough that stop the opportunity to commit these terrible crimes.

We think of you and share your sadness.

Love, Karolina with family.

April 18, 2007, 7:51am • Borås, Sweden • #8833

I am sure there is nothing I could say that would ease the suffering of all those touched by this horrific incident.  I just hope that the VT family is aware that the country is behind them and walking beside them helping to carry this tremendous load.  My heart goes out to Virginia Tech and my prayers are to provide comfort to you in this most uncertain time.  God Bless.

April 18, 2007, 7:51am • C. Nixon of London, England • #8834

I am from Canada...and this tragedy has torn my heart to heart and prayers go out to all the students, faculty and families. God bless you all and I hope you all care take some comfort in knowing that there are many people in the world who are saddened and pray for your peace and that we share in your grieving.  Sincerely, Tammy Luhta

April 18, 2007, 7:52am • Levack, Ontario, Canada • #8835

May God be with you and sustain you through this terrible time in your lives.  It is comforting to the rest of the nation to witness your bond with one another.  You have now been joined together forever as never before. The strengh of your VT family will be the key to heal your broken hearts.

April 18, 2007, 7:52am • Seven Hills, OH • #8836

Mi más sentido pésame a todas las víctimas, familiares, amigos y estudiantes. La tragedia ocurrida el lunes está en la mente de todos; hoy, Virginia está en el corazón de todos.

Un abrazo enorme desde España, Sandra

April 18, 2007, 7:52am • Madrid, Sapin • #8837

The thought that all these people did not deserve to die, and would have had wonderful and successful futures, and that their fate was decided by a lunatic, makes me wonder, not for the first time, if our faith in an almighty is justified. The world would have been a different place, had Cho, out of depression, decided to kill just himself. It is frustrating and I am unable to come to terms with the truth that every moment spent is spent in uncertainity, and only our decisions and actions, and not our hope, faith, dreams or prayers, will decide how the next moment is spent.

I feel so much contempt for the killer and I do not know how to pacify myself. I hope the happy memories and the thought that the victims were loved by their respective families and friends, and in turn were loved, will be the eternal source of comfort and solace.

-Seshadri Gopalakrishnan

April 18, 2007, 7:52am • Pune, India • #8838

Our most deepest and heartfelt prays to the entire Virginia Tech Family.
May the Lord Bless and lift you up during this most sad and tragic time.
Lega & Trina Iakopo

April 18, 2007, 7:52am • Sydney Australia • #8839

This is truly a sad sad period in all of your lives.  Our prayers and thoughts are with each and every one of you and your families.

God Bless you all

April 18, 2007, 7:52am • Houston, TX • #8840

I am so shocked and saddened by this.  I don’t understand why these things happen.  My thoughts and prayers are with everyone at Virginia Tech and the families involved.


April 18, 2007, 7:52am • United Kingdom • #8841

Our niece is a student at VT.  And while we thank God that she is safe, our hearts break for the victims and their families.  It is so sad that one of the happiest times in a young persons’ life has been changed forever.  VT will go on, classes will begin and the campus will once again come alive but the loss will be felt.  I believe in the good, I believe that all the finger pointing is pointless, I believe that life is a series of lessons that we learn as we go.  I hope that my niece, her fellow students, the faculty and staff can know that the world cares and consists of more good than evil.

April 18, 2007, 7:52am • Port St Lucie, FL • #8842


April 18, 2007, 7:52am • ST. PETERSBURG, FL US • #8843

As someone that was born & grew up around Virginia Tech, I can say that it seems like the safest place in the world, and my heart is very sad at what happened Monday.  My love and prayers go out to everyone that was touched in some way by this tragedy…

Tiffany Weaver

April 18, 2007, 7:52am • York, Pennsylvania • #8844