Condolences, April 18, 2007

Our family wants you to know how much we care about your Virginia Tech family. Our hearts have
been broken for you all. We were especially impressed with the courage of the students at the face of this tragedy and with their calmness and eloquence while relaying their horrific experiences. Please know that we extend our hearts and prayers for strength to the entire Virginia Tech community as you begin to heal.

The Mextorf Family
Tom, Debbie, Kim, Tracy and Ryan

April 18, 2007, 4:32pm • Hollidaysburg, PA • #18198

Words cannot express the sadness…
Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers go out to you.  Stay strong.  Remember to live and embrace this life to its fullest.  By doing this, you will honor those who died.


April 18, 2007, 4:32pm • Evergreen, CO • #18199

There are spaces in the universe where these fair souls reside.  Like a whisper they will pass among us—they will make us happy, they will make us sad—they will make us remember.  It will be a fleeting thougt or a long dull ache in the core or our being.  My God give us strength to heal and learn to love the whisper of remembering.

April 18, 2007, 4:32pm • Sterling, VA • #18200

Expression at Half Mast

Rising up the stairs, the flags at half mast blow across my path.

Steps slowed, my thoughts tossed about from sympathy and grief to disgust and anger.

Approaching the library doors, the flags now behind me,
I spin to place my hand on my heart – not in a pledge of allegiance,
But in a prayer of consolation
For all who try to make sense of these Un-united States.

What has happened to my land of the free now living in fear?

Comfort comes in waves - the familiar pages of rows upon rows of books –
Pathways to understanding the peoples all around our quivering earth.

In praise and gratitude of this great resource, I sit before the computer keyboard
And shout through the clicks in a rage no one may hear.

“Freedom of expression”

Long may she wave.

JOYA* Wonderlight

April 18, 2007, 4:32pm • Centennial,Colorado UUSA • #18201

I am very sorry for your loss… May God bless all of you…

April 18, 2007, 4:32pm • Seoul, Korea • #18202

I wish there was something I could say to take some of the pain away from the Virginia Tech community.  For the past two days, I have been glued to my television, newspaper & internet - I feel like everytime I see a picture or read about one of the victims, that it’s someone I knew and loved too.  My heart aches for anyone who lost someone they loved.  Take care - you are all in our thoughts and prayers.

April 18, 2007, 4:32pm • New Hampshire • #18203

My support and prayers go out to all the survivors and the victim’s families of this horrible tragedy. Keep the Hokie spirit alive! God will never put anything on our shoulders that we cannot overcome!


-Sheila Riggan of Chesterfield, Va.

April 18, 2007, 4:32pm • Chesterfield, Va • #18204

Dear Virginia Tech “Family”
You are in our thoughts and prayers.  This tragedy has affected all of us.  We grieve with you and pray for you.  Take courage. 
With our deepest sympathy.
Robson Family

April 18, 2007, 4:32pm • Flagstaff, AZ • #18205

First off I would like to say how sorry I am to hear about this even that has caused pain and sorrow. I am a student at BHS in Michigan, and all of my friends and I would like to say how truly sorry we are. Even though I do not go to VT or live any where near VT, it still effects my friends and I. I came home one day from school and turned on the TV at first when I saw that every channel had the meeting on it, I was very interested in how many people other than myself were watching that. I do have to say that even living so far away, that even I cried. This makes every person think about what can really happen. The whole world is still in shock at what one person can do to change thousands of lives. Every person dies and lives for a reason, but from what I have heard so far in the media, it makes me think that noone should have to go through any of what the students, facilty, parents, and friends have gone through Monday. Moving on is hard to do at first but from experiance friends, family, and the rest of the citizens around or in VT will help eachother out and face this horrible event together as one individual. Sorry to eveyone involved in the event, everyone cares about what happened. alayna johanning

April 18, 2007, 4:33pm • Michigan • #18206

hey im so sorry to all lf you but keep ur heads up and everything will get better dont lose your faith cause it will only make you stronger


April 18, 2007, 4:33pm • maryville,tn • #18207

I would like to send my condolences to the families and friends of the victims of this horrible tragedy.  You are all in my thoughts and prayers during this tough time.

As an alumn of Virginia Tech and a member of the Hokie family, I know that we will all get through this - but everyone must be patient as it will take time to heal. 

Virginia Tech is a wonderful school and I am very proud to be a Hokie!

Elizabeth Copeland
Class of 2000

April 18, 2007, 4:33pm • Richmond, VA • #18208

Our thoughts and prayers are with the students, faculty, and family members at this horribly sad time.  We cannot imagine what you all are going through right now, but we will continue to pray that God will give you the strength needed to face the challenges that lie ahead.

God Bless!

April 18, 2007, 4:33pm • Inman, SC • #18209

To the Virginia Tech Community,
As a student of St. Louis University Madrid Campus I send my condolences. The news of this tragedy hit our campus tuesday morning and members of our campus held a moment of silence for students to send our prayers to the students, staff and families of Virginia Tech. This tragedy is nothing short of devistating and all I can hope for is that you all can continue living, loving and learning.

Virginia Tech your in my prayers
Amy Hochstetler

April 18, 2007, 4:33pm • Madrid, Spain • #18210

My heart is heavy with grief for the family, friends, and VT community.  Know that all of us around the US grieve with you, and for your loved ones. 

God’s Peace,
Leslie Vattimo

April 18, 2007, 4:33pm • Jamestown, NY • #18211

The immensity and gravity of this tragedy is incredibly difficult to comprehend.
My eyes cloud over, my sorrow runs deep even though I didn’t even know any of the victims, their families, or friends.
My thoughts for the slain and wishes for the recovery of the survivors go out to you all…
K. Fink

April 18, 2007, 4:33pm • San Diego, CA • #18212

My dear Hokies, I Love you all.  I have visited your wonderful Vet.  School with two of my pets. One got a new eye and the other one received a surgery that allowed me to keep him with me for 4 more months.  Every student I came in contact with, was very caring and polite. Thank you, so so much for a wonderful place for people to bring their pets. I am praying for all of you. A Hokie Fan living in Mountaineer Land.  Anita

April 18, 2007, 4:33pm • Crab Orchard, WV • #18213

The tragedy that happened on your school’s campus on Monday, April 16 was felt across this nation.  My heart breaks for each of you, and for the families and friends of those that lives were taken, and those that were wounded.  But each of were wounded that day, as you are “Virginia Tech”.  May God bring comfort that will sustain you through this enormous period of grief and pain, that will never leave your hearts and minds, but in knowing that you are lifted up in prayer on that day, yesterday, today and every day to come will, I hope, sustain you and give you the courage to go on in the memory of those that have taken residence in a better place, in God’s loving hands.  You have shown amazing strength and character, and I know you will always be an example of how good prevailed over evil.  I would be proud to call each one of you “My Child”.  Judy Ross

April 18, 2007, 4:33pm • Atlanta, Georgia • #18214

We hope the community of Virginia Tech find soon peace in your hearts.

April 18, 2007, 4:33pm • Queretaro, Mexico • #18215


I would like to give my condolences to the families who lost eighter a father, mother, son or daugther at the shooting on monday, april the 16th. Here in Denmark we where celebraiting our queens 67th birthday at that horrible day.

Love from Denmark
Chila Nielsen

April 18, 2007, 4:33pm • Denamrk • #18216

Dear Virginia Tech,
We offer our deepest condolences and blessings for the healing and recovery of your community and the families of all those touched by the shootings. The Amish community recently showed the way to real healing is forgiveness and moving on with their lives when their children were taken away by their school shootings. We pray that God grants you the ability and will to recover through His Love and the many prayers from those of us in Montreal who also lost a French Prof.there this week. Marco and Maria Ricci and Family.

April 18, 2007, 4:33pm • Montreal, Quebec, Canada • #18217

We as a fire department in NC would like to extend our deepest sympathies to all the students, faculty and emergency workes that had to endure this terrible tragedy. All of you are in our thoughts and our prayers.

Gaston Fire Department

April 18, 2007, 4:33pm • Gaston, North Carolina • #18218

I join with thousands of others in holding the VT family in my thoughts and prayers.  With you, I mourn the life and potential lost so senselessly.  The fabric of your campus has been rent; you have the will and the grace to make it whole again.  As a former faculty member, I send special condolences to those who have survived and are asking ‘Could I have done something to recognize the shooter’s disturbance and prevent this tragedy.’ That’s highly unlikely. Take heart, and let yourselves be held in the care and concern of many around the world.

April 18, 2007, 4:33pm • Phoenix, AZ • #18219

Dear Virginia Tech faculty, staff & students,

Words cannot express how deeply sorry I am for your loss. I pray for all of the family and friends of those who were lost in this tragedy. I will continue to keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers as you begin the healing process.

As the sister of a VT alumn, and an “unofficial” Hokie at heart, I can’t imagine what those of you in Blacksburg are going through.  Watching all of the events unfold on TV and through the web don’t nearly represent everything that is going on on campus right now.

Stay strong and remember you are not going through this alone.  The whole state and nation are grieving with you.

With deepest sympathy,
Katie L. Sutton

April 18, 2007, 4:33pm • Chesapeake, Virginia • #18220

To the Faculty and Students of Virginia Tech,

Allow me to extend my thoughts and prayers, and those of my family, to each and every one of you.

As so many in this country have been, I’ve kept a vigil these past few days; watching television and listening to the radio, wishing there was something I could offer or something I could do. The inability to do more than leave this message creates such a feeling of helplessness.

If hugs could reach through the airwaves and be sent via satellite, thousands of arms would hold you all closely and share the pain as well as the tears.

God Bless!

Patty Sparano & family

April 18, 2007, 4:33pm • Carmel, New York • #18221

Dear Virginia Tech Students and staff,

I would like to send my condolences to you all. The events of April 16th shocked not only your country but the whole world. I live in the United Kingdom and when I heard of what happened it was truly disturbing.

My thoughts and prayers are with all of the victims, they’re families and their friends.

God bless the victims. I hope they are now at peace.

The UK sends it’s love as Tony Blair said on the news.

We’re all thinking of you all.

From England

April 18, 2007, 4:33pm • England • #18222

Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you all.Having recently spent time in your country we were struck by how beautiful both your country and people were so kind and friendly.


April 18, 2007, 4:34pm • Norfolk England • #18223

As a residence hall professional and university staff member, my thoughts are with the students, staff, and families of the victims and survivors of this tragedy.  I am shocked and saddened by this and offer my condolences to the VA Tech community.  You are not alone...please don’t hesitate to call on universities across the country for support!

M. Holmes
Indiana University-Bloomington

April 18, 2007, 4:34pm • Bloomington, IN, USA • #18224

"Some people come into our lives and quickly go.
They stay in our lives for awhile, leave
footprints on our hearts, and we are never,ever
the same.”

I lost my 18 year old son, Ben, 7 years ago to
a motor vehile accident.  I so sympathize with all
the families that are going through this terrible
ordeal.  I have been there and I am so sorry for
all of you.

April 18, 2007, 4:34pm • Commack, New York • #18225

Dear Families, Students, and Staff of Virginia Tech,
I would like to send my sincere condolences to all of you affected by this tragedy. As soon as this happened it was across the map and reached us here in Canada. My sister does live in Blacksburg and it is a beautiful place and for something so horrific to happen is very sad. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. 
Tracy Rutland and family

April 18, 2007, 4:34pm • Thunder Bay, Ontario, CANADA • #18226

I would like all the families and friends to know that our thoughts and prayers are with them.  I am sorry that the press hounds the students, faculty and staff of Virginia Tech looking for a story - I work at a large University, spreading over hundreds of acres and can understand how complicated it is to lock down a University - not.  I am happy to see that the President of Virginia Tech has no plans to resign - he should not.  God Bless all of the victims and their family and friens.

April 18, 2007, 4:34pm • Lansing, Michigan • #18227

It is amazing how a persons life can change in a matter of seconds, and for eternity that great person will be remembered.
My prayers and thoughts go out to everyone part of the VT family and friends to those who have lost.


April 18, 2007, 4:34pm • Orlando, FL • #18228

I am in awe of the happenings on the 16th. My heart goes out to all effected by this tragedy. As a recent college graduate, I cannot imagine what you are going through. Be strong.

April 18, 2007, 4:34pm • Youngstown, Ohio • #18229

Our love and prayers go out to all of the victims and their families during this tragic time.  Words alone cannot express the deep sadness we feel for all of the people affected by this tragedy.  We will continue to pray and ask god to bless all of you.

April 18, 2007, 4:34pm • Oxford, PA - Nikki, Rob and Julia Bettin • #18230

My prayers are with the Viginia Tech Community,
friends and families of the victims. On Monday they were just casualties, today I know
their names and stories, they were the best and the brightest, how horrible that their lives
were taken away at the beginning of thier futures, but in those left behind, may you continue your dreams and find peace and hope
in the days ahead. God Bless. Kathie Cirelli,a teacher from NJ.

April 18, 2007, 4:34pm • Murray Hill NJ USA • #18231

I’m writing from Germany and it is not easy for me to explain my feelings about this tragedy in an foreign language. But my thoughts and my prayers are with those who lost friends or famely members last Monday.

Good bless you.

Susanne Wesner

April 18, 2007, 4:34pm • Berlin, Germany • #18232

To the virginia tech community,
I just wanted you all to know you are in my thoughts and prayers, during this tragic and sad time.
Amy McNaught
Salem State College student

April 18, 2007, 4:34pm • Peabody, MA • #18233

We come from all corners of the United States and once again we are united in grief.  We are united in grief over the senseless loss of life of those both young and old.  I pray for those that knew them and loved them and grieve for all of the knowledge that was lost with them. I grieve for all the bright futures that are no more.  I pray for the family of the troubled young man who caused this tragedy. I pray that those agonizing over the loss of loved ones will somehow be given the strength to endure. God be with those injured. Many thoughts and prayers are with you all.

April 18, 2007, 4:34pm • South Texas • #18234

Nikki Giovanni said it best--We are Virginia Tech.  We are family.  Know that your family all around the world is praying for you and grieving with you at this tragic loss of life.  We will survive it.  We will laugh again.  I am so proud to be a Hokie.  Although as tragic as it is, this event is made me even prouder to be part of this awesome, courageous, loving, and proud community. 

I pray God may comfort you during this time.

“Yet this I call to mind, and therefore I have hope:  because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail; they are new every morning.” Lamentations 3:21-23 Amen!

With love,
Brooke VT ‘03

April 18, 2007, 4:34pm • Virginia • #18235

To all Virginia Tech students,faculty members and families...Our hearts and prayers go out to all of you..Just know the whole country is grieving with you and you are not alone...I hope each and everyone of you feel the love that is being shared by so many during this time of such loss.
The Lee Family

April 18, 2007, 4:34pm • Cuyahoga Falls,Ohio • #18236

To the entire Virgina Tech community,

We grieve with you and hope that someday soon you will begin to heal.  May you find peace and strength within yourselves to carry on and be the wonderful future of this country.

The Denaro Family

April 18, 2007, 4:34pm • Lake Mary, Florida • #18237

The thoughts and prayers of my family and I are with you all.  Please take strength in the Good Lord and know that one day you will all be together again in paradise.

April 18, 2007, 4:34pm • Louisville, KY • #18238

My thoughts are with all the students, faculty and staff at Virginia Tech. Stay strong. Stay united.

W.E. Smith

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
For everything there is a season,
And a time for every matter under heaven:
A time to be born, and a time to die;
A time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted;
A time to kill, and a time to heal;
A time to break down, and a time to build up;
A time to weep, and a time to laugh;
A time to mourn, and a time to dance;
A time to throw away stones, and a time to gather stones together;
A time to embrace, And a time to refrain from embracing;
A time to seek, and a time to lose;
A time to keep, and a time to throw away;
A time to tear, and a time to sew;
A time to keep silence, and a time to speak;
A time to love, and a time to hate,
A time for war, and a time for peace.

April 18, 2007, 4:35pm • Lawrence, KS • #18239

I am so sadded by this horrible event. I want everyone at Virgina Tech to know that you are being thought about all over the world. My heart goes out to all the students and there families. I am praying everyday for all of you. Please stay strong.
Praying for you,
P West
Alumni Western Illinois University (2005)

April 18, 2007, 4:35pm • Chicago, IL • #18240

To the VT family, our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you.  It is beyond anything we can imagine.  As we have watched the TV, our hearts ache and tears fall.  Your school has amazed the rest of the world with your dedication and love.  May you receive comfort that we really care and will continue to uplift you in our prayers.  To the victims families-we pray that God will give you comfort as the pain you feel must seem unbearable. 
May God Bless, Rex and Cathy Crabtree

April 18, 2007, 4:35pm • New Castle IN • #18241

As a professor at a California Community College, you are in my thoughts and prayers, students and staff of Virginia Tech.
God Bless You All!
J. Tarver

April 18, 2007, 4:35pm • Sacramento,CA • #18242

To all those suffering, You are never far from our minds. I am so deeply sorry for your loss. May time heal the wounds, as well as your hearts. 


April 18, 2007, 4:35pm • Fort pierce, Florida • #18243

Our condolences go out to any and everyone involved with this tragedy. We have a daughter in college in Indiana.I cannot even image what the families are going through but I will tell you, you are in the thoughts and prayers of all of us here in Indiana.

April 18, 2007, 4:35pm • Anderson, Indiana • #18244

To all the students and staff at VA Tech,

My prayers go out to the families that lost, the students who live in fear and the staff under scrutiny.  For those who lost...GOD is with you, for those who live in fear...GOD is with you and for those under scrutiny...GOD is with you and will help you all find a way to move forward with your good memories, trust again in those around you and know that it was not the schools fault.

Love and peace to you all

April 18, 2007, 4:35pm • Jackson, MI • #18245

I cannot tell you how heavy my heart is for the loss that you as a school and we as a nation feel at this moment.  It is with much love and prayers that I say to you that, today we are all Hokies, for we as a nation are sharing your loss.  I want you all to hold on to the memories of wonderful times, big and small, shared with those who have gone on before us.  I want us, as a nation, to remember tomorrow is not promised, and as a tribute to these great people, take a moment to do some random act of kindness-and do it in memory of these very special people..Hold a door, pass along a smile, give a stranger that extra penny he needs, pick up a book, say hello and then think you did it in memory of those taken from us in THE HOKIE NATION.  May you be blessed with the strength to make it through these sad days and know your friend, your love one, your classmate is now your angel.

Sherry Hunter

April 18, 2007, 4:35pm • Mechanicsville, VA • #18246

To families of the victims of the Virginia Tech tragedy, I would like to extend my deepest sympathies and my heart goes out to all of you.

April 18, 2007, 4:35pm • Dania Bch, FL. • #18247